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Halfon (1989, 54) argues that Socrates had a commitment to the pursuitof truth and knowledge, and he demonstrated his intellectual integrityin the face of attacks on it. Socrates may be an outstanding exampleof a person of intellectual integrity; nevertheless, there is more tointellectual integrity than having a commitment to truth andknowledge. Intellectual integrity is often characterized as a kind of‘openness’— an openness to criticism and to theideas of others. However, if one is too open, one could absorb toomany influences to be able to properly pursue any line of thought. Soan adequate account of intellectual integrity must incorporateconflicting claims: that one must be open to new ideas but not beoverwhelmed by them. An account of intellectual integrity shouldrecognize other sources of conflict and temptations that impedeintellectual integrity, such as the temptations offered by thecommercialization of research, self-deception about the nature ofone’s work, and the conflict between the free pursuit of ideasand responsibility to others.

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In Seattle, a bank had gone into business, making the LamCo heat pump from the original patent that the dealer essentially stole. It was an incredible stroke of serendipity. The bank had invested a million dollars and had a manufacturing facility. They had virtually no idea what they were doing, however, and were building them from the ten-year-old patent. With Dennis’s help, the technology had advanced a long way from what was presented in that patent, and the bank also tried selling them for cash. Their efforts were doomed. Dennis arrived in his beat-up station wagon, with no place to sleep, and told the bank that their problems were over. They looked at him like he was nuts, but it did not take Dennis long to start making waves. In February of 1985, with less than a year of the tax credit remaining, Dennis bought out the bank’s dealers and was going to bail the bank out. They would not only recover their investment, but Dennis would take them to the moon with him. He was about to carpet Puget Sound with the LamCo-style heat pump.

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Nonetheless, some forms of self-deception are seriously detrimental tointellectual integrity. Gabriele Taylor (1981, 146) believes thatself-deception constitutes the most fundamental and important case oflack of integrity. She discusses an example which shows in anexemplary manner the dangers of self-deception—that of Casaubonin George Eliot’s Middlemarch (1994). Casaubon is acleric working on the connections between different religions, amammoth scholarly work he has devoted himself to for many years. InTaylor’s view, he is self-deceived about his commitment toscholarship. Casaubon’s problem may be seen as a conflictbetween his belief in his capacity and desire to write something veryimportant and his realization of the truth that he is incapable ofdoing so. The kind of failure of integrity here is partly due tofailure to take the views of others seriously, and thus differs fromcases where others might encourage one in self-deception. Casaubonacted to prevent his wife Dorothea and others from realising thepaucity of his researches. His case is more blameworthy because ofthis failure and it demonstrates the way in which self-deception canundermine intellectual integrity.

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Before I moved to Boston, I helped as much as I could and we met several times. One night, he told me about inventors’ clubs that he belonged to over the years. He found that no inventor supported another. It was like a pack of dogs, as each tried to be the alpha dog. He said that those inventors’ groups were doomed because of the inventors’ selfish natures. Up until that time, my primary exposure to inventing was , and I never heard that kind of talk from him, but would instead hear how all his inventions were stolen or suppressed, and how all he wanted to do was help the world. My early exposure to inventing misdirected me. Forty years later as of 2014, Mr. Mentor is still the closest thing I have seen to an altruistic inventor, and that early exposure misled me about how most of them act. What Mr. Inventor told me was not forgotten, and it lay in the back of my mind for years. The last delusion I shed (not completely shed until about ten years after Mr. Inventor told me that story) was that inventors, with their creative talent, somehow had a higher level of integrity than the average population. By 1997, I ruefully realized that that was not true. Creative talent does not confer integrity. Ironically, Mr. Inventor was the first one to demonstrate that fact to me.

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Another way of thinking about integrity places moral constraints uponthe kinds of commitment to which a person of integrity must remaintrue. There are several ways of doing this. Elizabeth Ashford arguesfor a virtue she calls ‘objective integrity’. Objectiveintegrity requires that agents have a sure grasp of their real moralobligations (Ashford 2000, 246). A person of integrity cannot,therefore, be morally mistaken. Understood in this way, one onlyproperly ascribes integrity to a person with whom one finds oneselfcompletely in moral agreement. This concept of integrity does not,however, closely match ordinary use of the term. The point ofattributing integrity to another is not always to signal unambiguousmoral agreement. It is often to ameliorate criticism ofanother’s moral judgment. For example, we may disagree stronglywith the Pope’s views of the role of women in the Church, takethis to be a significant moral criticism of him, and yet admit that heis a man of integrity. In such a case it is largely the point ofattributing integrity to open a space for substantial moraldisagreement without launching a wholesale attack upon another’smoral character.