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While referring to his work done in designing Heavy Knight, Rodriguez tells that the work of 2D and 3D artists has an amazing influence on the entire project but the which do the cinematic work along with the games. He referred the cinematic word done by Blur and Blizzard and also praised the sort of technical expertise and the aesthetic ambiance they create is magnificent in all the movies they worked in.

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Using of the colors can be a great added advantage. In the case of designing the armor there can be a color play of light and dark shades used simultaneously.

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If ever the prime idea is to design a still image, yet an organized geometry has to be used and rigged as it helps a lot in other part of designing process.

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According to Rodriguez, he is an artist which follows the traditional practices of experiments and mixing the techniques in 3D Max and the ZBrush which creates the hard surfaces for all the props that he uses. As per this senior character artist, there are basically two areas that he enjoys working, shaping the high-resolution detail and crafting the work in order to bring pictures to life.

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There is this famous 3D art project which is known as Heavy Knight, a character based on the design concept of a Heavy Knight for the universe of Twilight Monkby Trent Kaniuga. About six months were spent by Jose Rodriguez, one of the well known senior character artist. The base of the project was on 3D Max along with the V0Ray and the ZBrush was also used in order to create all the details for displacing the maps.

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Selecting a simple background can offer the character a lead. Well, for some of the experts creating the sets is very simple and fast as well. Applying the bend modifier to the background images or the wall and also by using the curve aspect can work out amazingly.