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With macho "bedroom dick" Hammer using any violence necessary, this darkest of 1950s films noirs sends him on a search for the "Great Whatsit," an ominously incandescent box encompassing America's nuclear nightmares, as well as man's deepest fears about unpredictably explosive female potency.

Starring Ralph Meeker as the brutal Hammer, Kiss Me Deadly is shot through with Aldrich's anarchic sensibility, from Cloris Leachman's desperate opening run along a pitch-black road to the final apocalyptic conflagration.

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Both sculptors utilize marble to create the human figure and exaggerated poses of strength or passion, however, despite some similar ideas and techniques of the pieces within England, each artist selected a unique way to represent their commission....

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I suppose you want to hear about when WADE kissed me?”

Amy knew Wade the best, because even three years after our first kiss (the kiss that almost wasn’t) he and I still delighted in each other.

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In August 2017, the film won best in competition at the Venice International Film Festival. I can see why. As a director, del Toro brings out the very best performances of some wonderful actors. Sally Hawkins plays the main character, Elisa Esposito who can’t speak, but is not deaf. Her facial expressions convey volumes and her signing, although minimal, is gorgeous. Michael Shannon plays an over the top, despicable villain. The portrayal is almost cartoonish in intensity, but somehow it works. Richard Jenkins (gay commercial artist) and Ocatavia Spencer (janitor co-worker) both deliver solid performances.

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At some point, Hemsworth shows Winslet that she did not murder the bully. The bully killed himself. He made little finger horns along both sides of his forehead then ran headlong into a brick wall which resulted in him breaking his own neck. (Please stifle the urge to giggle.)

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Kate Winslet plays Tilly who, as a young girl, supposedly kills the neighborhood bully, after which she is banished from town. Many years later, after training as a seamstress abroad, Tilly returns home but does not receive a warm welcome. Judy Davis plays Tilly’s mother, Mad Molly, a crotchety hellion who starts out crazy, but then miraculously recovers her sanity mid-movie. Liam Hemsworth plays the hunky boyfriend who bears the unfortunate name of Teddy McSwiney. Yep. Maybe not so bad as, Teddy McPiggy, but close.

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She hasn’t kissed a real guy yet!” Amy and I burst into a fit of giggles, and I realized how being in the company of my younger sister regressed me to her awkward, girlish high school age.

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Around eleven, I found out that a fight had broken out in that car I’d initially entered. At least one combatant happened to be drunk and injured. We were waiting for emergency personnel to show up. Ultimately, I arrived in Alexandria well after one in the morning; too late for dinner and too early for breakfast.

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As I mentioned, the plot is not predictable, which I appreciate. The book did not shy away from presenting heartbroken people in heartbreaking situations and did not gloss over the pain and suffering of old age. However, the ending, in its own strange way, proved to be redemptive and uplifting. I loved the book.