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Currently; according to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARH), there are over 3,500 certified instructors, 800 accredited riding centers worldwide, and over 42,000 participating children and adults.” (“A Riding Review of the Effectiveness of Therapeutic Horseback Riding”) This being said, many people with disabilities in the world have smiles on their faces and are benefiting from horseback riding each and everyday.

One family from Idaho attends a therapeutic riding facility at Twin Falls Therapeutic Riding Program.

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Our vision is to turn dreams into reality by facilitating success in a safe and stimulating environment, leading to life long benefits of increased self-esteem, confidence and motivation.” (“Our Goals.”)

Therapeutic Horseback Riding has helped many children and adults with their everyday lives.

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Do not forget to inform your instruction if you are learning horseback riding for the first time. This will help them choose a horse that is gentle, slow and well trained. First lessons are generally one on one and last a maximum of half an hour. During the first few lessons you will also learn to saddle your horse and be instructed on how to ride safely. The instructor will show you how to lead the horse and how to mount and dismount your horse. You are also asked to practice walking the horse. Your instructor will teach you how to ask your horse to move forward and stop in your first lesson. You will learn the right thing to do when there are other riders around. Most horseback riding lessons are once a week and this is preferable, as it will help you keep in touch with what you learn.

To understand horseback riding, it is essential to look at the history of equines, the sport of horseback riding, and how to take care of a horse....
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In addition to all the above advantages, your hobby of horseback riding could well open up opportunities for you to take part in polo, racing, dressage, rodeo, fox hunting, etc. turning your hobby into a part time or full time profession depending on how much time you want to spend on it.

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You get to meet likeminded people when you go horseback riding. Spending time with a horse and therefore with nature can be a pleasant experience. Horses are known for their intelligence and loyalty. Learning horseback riding is not difficult or expensive, so you can rest assured that your hobby will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is not necessary to own a horse to learn to ride it since you can rent both the horse and the accessories you need to go riding.

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Apart from being a lot of fun, horseback riding can be a rewarding experience letting you discover the horse lover in you. All you need is the right gear, a good instructor to get started. Did you know there are different styles of horseback riding? We basically hear about the Western and English style. People usually feel that western can be learned more easily since the English style can be tough. If your aim is to learn horse riding for fun, go in for the western. If you intend participating in shows, etc. then it would be a good idea to learn the English style. Children invariably start with bareback. The English and western differ in that western riders hold the reins with one hand and English hold the reins with both hands. But no matter which style you decide to learn, you must remember to sit up straight with your toes pointed forward and your heels down. Also, never forget to look where you are heading. You must, at all times, show kindness towards the horse and make sure you don’t lose your temper or get irritated.