2. A hot-air balloon is different from an airplane in two ways:

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Practice using comparisons and contrasts as you complete each of the following sentences:

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1. How were the boys similar?
A. Both had the same parents.
B. Both were quiet and serious.
C. Both were male.
D. Both loved to play sports.

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Like, compared to, similar to, similarly, by analogy, likewise, in the same way, as well, both, too

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Sometimes a writer will use a key term such as or to point out a contrast. When you read a passage on the high school equivalency test, look for words like those to locate compare-contrast relationships.

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2. How were the boys different?
A. One liked to read; the other liked sports.
B. One liked his mother; the other didn’t.
C. One left home; the other still lives with his mother.
D. One was quiet; the other was noisy.

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“They were both good boys—made their momma proud, they did. Teddy? He went on to school to do something with computers. Will quit school for a while and worked. Later, he went back and got his diploma. He works as a car salesman now—makes good money. Both of them still send their momma money to help out now that their dad is gone. Of course, they visit—especially on holidays. Funny how two brothers can be so different.”