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Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried is not a novel about the Vietnam War. It is a story about the soldiers and their experiences and emotions that are brought about from the war. O'Brien makes several statements about war through these characters. He shows the violent nature of soldiers under the pressures of war, he makes an effective antiwar statement, and he comments on the reversal of a social deviation into the norm. The violent nature that the soldiers acquired during their tour in Vietnam is one of O'Brien's themes in his novel. By selecting very descriptive details that reveal the change in the men, O'Brien creates an understanding of the effects of war on its participants.
In this book the knowledge of death and its closeness causes the men in the story to alter their behavior by changing they way they display power, modifying emotions to relieve guilt, and by exhibiting different actions to ease anxiety. Death can change how people display their power or how they use their existing power by altering their behavior. Power is an emotionally strong element to have; power can make someone feel better by knowing that they have control over someone or something else. When fear is present, power can aid in easing the anxiety by giving the person the emotional lift that is present when control is felt.
The power, which is present in the story, is physical power and an example is Norman Bowker carrying a thumb of a boy that had been killed. The carrying of the thumb shows that he had power over the boy; this gives him some relief to know he had that kind of control. Cross's power, over the rest of the men, increased his fear of death for all the men not just himself because he is responsible for them. With his responsibility, Jimmy Cross alters his behavior to keep all of his men safe, and he only does this because of his power. An example of Jimmy Cross changing his behavior because of power was after Lavender was killed

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I’m repubbing this review of The Scarlet Letter, starring Lillian Gish, originally published in July of 2011. Am I being lazy? Yep, but I’m excusing it by saying there’s a lot of new faces here these days. Welcome everyone!

Social media consultant, blogger for hire, and lover of classic movies and silent films.
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The Scarlet Letter is, of course, based on the classic American novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. As I was watching the movie, I found myself wracking my memory for the particulars of the novel. It has been some amount of years since I last read the book, and the 11th grade lit class discussions were a little foggy. A quick check of the Wikipedia entry for the confirmed that the film is quite faithful to the novel with only a few dramatic licenses, so I won’t recap the plot here. Suffice it to say that the largest difference is in the relationship of Hester Prynne and the illegitimate Pearl to Dimmesdale. In the novel, Pearl repeatedly asks her father to publicly acknowledge his parentage, while in the movie Hester implores Dimmesdale to keep the secret, for the sake of the congregation’s faith in him. The ultimate outcome remains the same, and this minor revision makes for a far more romantic (in the personal relationship sense) movie narrative.

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Essay The character of Hester Prynne changed significantly throughout the novel "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Charlotte Bronte's Villette is the story of Lucy Snowe. After leading a rather tragic life, initially dominated by repression and loneliness, Lucy has taken it upon herself to write her memoirs, and give her personal testament. Standing at the dusk of her life she is able to look back and provide an objective account of herself and those significant in her rather unusual life. Her writings are dominated by the use of natural imagery, which are used by Lucy to portray the personalities, feelings and emotions of her those around her. The imagery, and the relationship with nature it implies, is also an important barometer of Lucy's own reactions to the situations in which she finds herself.
As narrator, Lucy Snowe frequently uses animal imagery, to describe other people. The frivolous and vain Ginevra Fanshawe is initially likened to a "hummingbird ? and a "butterfly ?, but as Lucy grows less tolerant towards her, she is presented as a "mealy-winged moth ?. Polly, perching on the end of her bed, is described as a "white bird ?, although Lucy also thinks of her as possessing the "supple softness ? and "velvet grace ? of a kitten. Mme. Beck's furtive ways are compared to those of a "cat ?, but Lucy will later say that she is as "strict as a dragon ?. The bestial qualities ascribed to these characters give a sense of Lucy's true feelings towards them as well as being indicative of her affinity with nature.
Throughout the course of the novel it is a common to find that Lucy is more at home with than people. In the first half of the novel, images of nature are frequently employed to emphasize Lucy's solitude; indeed is seems that Lucy's bonds with nature provide her with much more strength than those she makes with people. After the death of Miss Marchmont, sees the Aurora Borealis, th