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Gandhi wrote "To American friends, you have given me a teacher in Thoreau, who furnished me through his essay on the 'Duty of Civil Disobedience' scientific confirmation of what I was doing in South Africa."
Thoreau died in 1862 from tuberculosis, leaving an impact on the world. Thoreau's words and acts have inspired civil rights leaders around the globe and have proofed that violence is not the only way to accomplish a goal.

A summary of Section One in Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

Henry david thoreau essay on civil disobedience

Civil Disobedience is an essay by Henry David Thoreau

L. Tom Perry Special Collections contains many early publications by the Transcendentalists, from works by major figures of the movement like Ralph Waldo Emerson (including his seminal essay, Nature), Henry David Thoreau (a first edition of Walden is pictured here), and Theodore Parker; to lectures given at the Concord School of Philosophy.

Henry David Thoreau - Civil disobedience

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“Civil Disobedience” definition (1849) An essay by Henry David Thoreau

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This was a form of peaceful protest, he accepted the fact that he would get in trouble for this, but knew that it was necessary to draw attention to the issue.
After spending a night in jail, for failing to pay his taxes, Thoreau wrote his famous essay “Resistance to Civil Government” which he later named “Civil Disobedience,” coining the term that is used today. In his essay Thoreau argued that not all laws are just, but as human beings it is more important to obey natural law over civil law.

The Influence of Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience on Martin Luther King Junior.

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Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12, 1817, in Concord, Massachusetts. He began writing nature poetry in the 1840s, with poet Ralph Waldo Emerson as a mentor and friend. In 1845 he began his famous two-year stay on Walden Pond, which he wrote about in his master work, Walden. He also became known for his beliefs in Transcendentalism and civil disobedience, and was a dedicated abolitionist.

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