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From the statistics, it seems that if everyone could help one person a little, no-one would have to end up homeless.

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One of the best ways to help a homeless person is to show them respect. As you look into their eyes, talk to them with genuine interest, and recognize their value as an individual, you will give them a sense of dignity that they rarely experience.

Human Rights, essays, homeless, people - UK, essays Consequently, one way of helping them is providing them with shelter.


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Homeless computer experts teach skills to other homeless people, help them get email addresses and web pages.

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is another great way to help, however, unless the Lord directs you, don't give money directly to the homeless. Cash gifts are often used to buy drugs and alcohol. Instead, make your donations to a well-known, reputable organization in your community.

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While on a to Brazil, the plight of the street children captured my heart. I soon returned to Brazil as a full-time missionary with my focus on the inner city gangs of children. For four years I lived and worked with a team from my local church in Rio de Janeiro, volunteering in established ministries. Although our mission was geared toward children, we learned a lot about helping the homeless, no matter the age.