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She also thought that Sirius was attempting to live vicariously through her, Harry and Ron when he encouraged them to form Dumbledore's Army, but the two boys became angry and snapped at her when she expressed this belief. Sirius was eventually killed by in the , much to the dismay of his friends and loved ones. Hermione was devastated by his death, and often tried to provide comfort to Harry, who had been even more deeply affected by the tragedy. At the end of the , Hermione became godmother to Harry's eldest son, , whose first and middle name was derived from James Potter and Sirius Black respectively.

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Unfortunately, Hermione was unable to join Harry and Ron in the ruse with Polyjuice Potion because the hair she obtained from during their scuffle in the was actually the hair of Bulstrode's cat. Hermione grew fur and a tail, and remained in the for weeks. Harry and Ron, however, were able to use the potion she brewed to transform into and , respectively. They entered the , and through conversation with , realised that he was not the , and was not involved in the opening of the Chamber after all.

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Ginny tried to tell Harry and Ron what was going on but could not get the words out, and she was interrupted by Percy. The memory of Tom Riddle was furious, however, as he had been planning on taking on Harry Potter himself after learning his story. Realising that Harry would come to save Ginny, he made her write a farewell on a corridor wall, then enter the Chamber of Secrets to die. She had poured so much of her life into the diary that she could not fight Tom's control of her, and the last thing she remembered as she lay down on the floor of the Chamber was Tom coming out of the diary. The memory of Tom Riddle had fed off her, gaining enough strength to become corporeal and regain the appearance of his 16 year old self. As Tom grew stronger, the life in Ginny faded away until she slipped into an unconscious state.

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Returning to Hogwarts after Christmas, Ginny played her first game for the Gryffindor House team against . Despite losing the match, Ginny captured the , although she downplayed the achievement by saying it was not a fast Snitch and that the opposing Seeker, , had a cold. Probably as a result of her being more confident and relaxed in front of Harry, her willingness to stand up to him, and their shared experiences of being a Seeker, Harry and Ginny grew closer. The group name Ginny came up with for the D.A. eventually saved Harry from expulsion at the 's hands when Cho's best friend betrayed the group to Umbridge, since the name gave Dumbledore a way to take the fall for the D.A.'s formation by reminding Minister of saying that the group named themselves "". This forced Dumbledore to then escape with Fawkes' help in order to evade arrest, leaving Umbridge herself to replace him as .

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Despite his pre-existing dislike for Gryffindor, Snape's treatment of Hermione likely had more to do with her close friendship with Harry. Despite this, Hermione was still seen to defend Snape on occasion when Harry and Ron blamed him for evil deeds which occurred in , like setting the troll in the dungeon and trying to steal the Philosopher's Stone in Harry's first year. After Dumbledore's death, she like many, believed that Snape was a coward who killed a man who trusted him more than anyone. It is unknown exactly how she reacted to learning of Snape's true motives and allegiance, but given her personality, it is highly likely that she came to both forgive her former Professor's cruelty, and even admire him for his bravery.

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Hermione became friends with Harry Potter after they as well as took down a together in their first year. They tend to get along very well on a day-to-day basis, though Harry occasionally becomes annoyed by Hermione's nagging, while she occasionally becomes annoyed by his lack of discipline and conviction in his schoolwork. Their only notable row was over Hermione getting Harry's confiscated in their third year, which she felt it might be a trap. Harry and Ron reconciled with Hermione after scolded them for their treatment of her. Harry and Hermione are quite similar in their dour, brooding tendencies in times of trouble, and often need Ron's humour and levity to counterbalance their intense personalities.