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Moody is there to watch over the Triwizard Tournament also, dubbed as such as there are three competitors, one from each of the three schools. The Goblet of Fire spits out the three names, all volunteers seventeen-years-old or older, as is the rule. And yet somehow, it spits out a fourth challenger, Harry Potter, who is neither a willing participant nor seventeen or older. Bartemius Crouch, the head of the Department of International Magical Co-operation, points out that the Goblet’s choice suggests a magically binding contract, so Harry must compete. Facing terrible dangers such as dragons, underwater merpeople, and a maze that twists the nature of all who enter it, Harry’s magical abilities and cleverness are tested, all the while realizing someone powerful has arranged for him to partake in this contest.

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By the finale, we realize that Lord Voldemort, through others (who shall remain nameless for your sake), has set traps for Harry. After a frightening rebirth spell, Voldemort returns, played by Ralph Fiennes in a brilliantly energetic and terrifying performance. The gray-skinned Dark Lord has a nubbish nose with slits for nostrils, a snakelike voice, and a two-pronged tongue. His brief scene with Harry announces a new, menacing tone for this series, one stricken by true fear. No longer is Voldemort some intangible idea that reminds Harry of how He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named killed his parents. No longer will Voldemort scheme in the shadows. No longer will the Harry Potter movies be simply kids’ stuff.

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The Harry Potter Saga has been adorned with an exclusively British cast, the producers carefully choosing the best in Brit actors to wonderfully enliven J.K. Rowling’s mythology. Actors like Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thomson, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, and Alan Rickman. But Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire marks the first Brit filmmaker for the series. Director Mike Newell’s filmography is ranged, including the comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral and the intense dramatic thriller Donnie Brasco. Consequently, this fourth Potter film is a contrast of joyful laughs and burgeoning danger.

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