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Laertes tells everything, and shouts "The king's to blame!" For the first time, Hamlet can kill the king and have people realize he was right. Hamlet stabs the king with the poisoned blade, then forces the poisoned beverage down his throat.

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Hamlet calls the ghost "boy", "truepenny", and "old mole",and says to his friends, "You hear this fellow in the cellarage."It seems to me that Shakespeare is parodying the older play,and even making fun of the idea of ghosts, and that he's saying,"Don't take this plot seriously, but listen to the ideas."Horatio comments how strange this all is, and Hamlet (who likes puns) says thatthey should welcome the ghost as a stranger in need.

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Notice that Horatio, whois skeptical of ghosts, is the one who suggests trusting Godwhen the ghost appears, and who will later talk about "flights ofangels" carrying Hamlet's soul to heaven.

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Saxo confirms that Amleth's Scottishwife betrayed him and married Wiglek (Viglek), the man who had killed himin battle.

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Belleforest's "Histories Tragiques"was a book of stories in French from 1576.

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Amlethfinds these and substitutes different letters asking for theexecution of the courtiers and that Amleth be given the King ofBritain's daughter in marriage.

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Please let me know ifthis ever reappears online.
"The Spanish Tragedy" was a revenge play by ThomasKyd with several similarities to Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

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Amlethsuspects a trap, pretends to think he is a chicken, jumps around on thestraw, stabs the eavesdroper to death through the straw, cuts the body up, andtosses it into the sewer where it is eaten by the pigs.

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Anagram of:
Teens:Stay away from drugs, work yourself extremely hard in class orat your trade, play sports if and only if you like it,and get out of abusive relationships by any means.

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At considerable length, he explains how Hamlet will not beable to marry beneath his station, and explicitly tells hernot to have sex ("your chaste treasure open") with him.

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Hamlet's very long speech in his mother's bedroomis closely followed by Shakespeare.
There was an Englishtranslation in 1608, "The History of Hamblet" ; it borrowsShakespeare's "A rat!