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In this essay, commenting function in Yahoo News articles will be used to evaluate its performance of opinions expressions with Habermas’ normative standard for public sphere, and to discuss the limitation of Habermas’ deliberative approach of the public sphere within the Internet....

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Analyze and Discuss Habermas’s View on Public Sphere. Also talk about his dilemma with Nancy Fraser

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‘The Town hall’ theory as outlined by Meiklejohn (1948, p.22) and ‘The Public Sphere’ theory as outlined by Habermas (1964, p.49) have similarities in relation to expression and democracy such as the mutual agreement they have on realizing you cannot achieve democracy unless all individuals are valued as equals....

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In this essay, I will present an overview of why critical theorists are concerned with those inequalities, and I will further identify the problems within the system contributing to the unequal access to the public sphere, relating specifically to class and ge...

Does the Internet provide the basis for a public sphere that approximates to Habermas' vision

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What are these claims that are open to criticism and justification?In opposition to the positivist fixation on fact-stating modes ofdiscourse, Habermas does not limit intersubjectively valid, orjustifiable, claims to the category of empirical truth, but insteadrecognizes a spectrum of “validity claims” that alsoincludes, at the least, claims to moral rightness, ethical goodness orauthenticity, personal sincerity, and aesthetic value (TCA 1:8–23; 1993, chap. 1). Although Habermas does not consider such claimsto represent a mind-independent world in the manner of empirical truthclaims, they can be both publicly criticized as unjustifiable anddefended by publicly convincing arguments. To this extent, validityinvolves a notion of correctness analogous to the idea of truth. Inthis context, the phrase “validity claim,” as a translationof the German term Geltungsanspruch, does not have the narrowlogical sense (truth-preserving argument forms), but rather connotes aricher social idea—that a claim (statement) merits theaddressee's acceptance because it is justified or true in somesense, which can vary according to the sphere of validity anddialogical context.

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1. a student of Theodor Adorno, and a member of the Frankfurt School of critical theory.
2. Habermas is decidedly Kantian in his dedication to reason, ethics, and moral philosophy.()
3 . The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere (1962; Trans. Thomas Burger; Cambridge: MIT Press, 1989)". . . . In that work and arguably since then as well, Habermas' political intent was to . Habermas defined the public sphere as a domain of uncoerced conversation oriented toward a pragmatic accord. (Poster)
4. His position came under attack by
-- poststructuralists like Lyotard who questioned the emancipatory potentials of its model of consensus through rational debate.
-- Nancy Fraser 'gender blind.'
-- Oskar Negt and Alexander Kluge -- articulating the notion of an oppositional public sphere, specifically that of the proletariat.
5. The "Modernity" essay:

From Garnham's critique, three great virtues of Habermas's public sphere are mentioned

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Swedish: ”Tre normative demokratimodeller: om begreppet
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Danish: "Tre normative modeller for demokrati" in Habermas
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"Concluding Remarks", in Craig Calhourn (ed.) - Habermas and the Public Sphere (MIT Press), pp.

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"Dialogue: Jürgen Habermas and Charles Taylor", in Eduardo Mendieta & Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Eds.) - The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere (Columbia University Press, 2011) pp.

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The public sphere proposed by Habermas (2000) is a place that citizens can rationally and critically to form opinions free of political and commercial interest....