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This is not to say that aspects of the text cannot be further enhanced for the responder by an appreciation of the original context in which it was constructed but that the text is not dependant on that context for its own meaning and value.
Personally responding to the poetry of Gwen Harwood
Developing a personal response

What is the subject matter
Ideas and values conveyed
Poets context influence on ideas and values inherent in the poem
Analyse and evaluate (break down into components and make judgment) language and poetic devices used
Consider how the extent of personal context influenced your interpretation and perspective of poem.

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Even with so many experiences, many of us will forever be ignorant seems to be the truth ringing perpetually though Harwood’s verses.

As we can gather from the examples, Gwen Harwood uses language to create dynamic backgrounds and images to subtly delineate the changes experienced by the persona in the poems.

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Hoddinott has written numerous scholarly articles as well as essays and reflections on Harwood’s poetry and person, including the book study, Gwen Harwood: The Real and the Imagined World. She has explained the process of ‘Editing Gwen Harwood’ in a moving personal essay and, more recently, discussed her friendship with Harwood and ways of understanding certain of her poems, in an interview for mETAphor.

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Kratzmann has edited Harwood’s letters in A Steady Storm of Correspondence: Selected Letters of Gwen Harwood 1943–1995 , as well as two editions of her selected poems:Selected Poems: A New Edition; and, with poet and critic Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Mappings of the Plane: New Selected Poems. Kratzmann, a reviewer and academic, has also written several reflections on Harwood’s oeuvre including insights into her work’s engagement with music, pseudonyms and occasional verse (poems written to commemorate events).

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Gwen married Bill Harwood in September 1945. Soon afterwards they moved to Hobart where Bill took up a position at the University of Tasmania. Although she had written poetry for many years and had her first poem published in 1944, it was not until her four children were at school that she began to regularly submit her work for publication. Gwen corresponded on a regular basis with a wide circle of friends, including fellow poets Vincent Buckley, AD Hope, Vivian Smith and Norman Talbot.

Gwen Harwood’s poetry and critical writing appeared regularly in Australian literary journals from the 1950s. She was an accomplished librettist who worked closely with contemporary composers. Two volumes of her correspondence have also been published, providing a valuable record of Australia’s literary culture.

In 1973, Gwen received a Literature Board Grant that enabled her to retire from her position as a medical secretary and devote more time to her writing. During this period, she embarked on a range of speaking and reading engagements across Australia and participated in seminars and workshops on a regular basis. Gwen also served as President of the Tasmanian Branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and of the Lady Hamilton Literary Society.

Gwen published more than 430 works during her life including 386 poems and 13 librettos. Her first volume, Poems, was published in 1963, Poems Volume II in 1968, The Lion’s Bride in 1981, the award winning Bone Scan in 1988 and The Present Tense in 1995.

Gwen was the recipient of many awards including the Grace Leven Prize (1975), Robert Frost Medallion (1977), the Patrick White Award (1978), Victorian Premiers Award (1989) and in 1990 the Age Book of the Year Award (for Blessed City). She received Honorary Doctorates from the University of Tasmania, the University of Queensland and La Trobe University.

In 1989, Gwen was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for her services to literature. The Gwen Harwood Memorial Poetry Prize was established in 1996.

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