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When it comes to the mental growth and development of the child, many modern psychologists will agree that Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development provides one of the most comprehensive methods for understanding the various phases of child development. Constructed through the process of observing his own child develop, Piaget wrote his landmark theories with the help of Barbel Inhelder in The Psychology of the Child. Although the text has been translated from the French, the work has managed to survive several reprints, translations and critical analyses to become one of the most well read psychological texts in the field.

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 - Discusses the development and behavior of children from 9 months to 4 years.

John Dewey, (New York: Macmillan Company, 1916), p. 370.

- Concrete Operational Stage research papers discuss one of Piaget's stages where children begin to use logic and reasoning in ther thinking process.

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- Development Advantages and Disadvantages of Infant Day Care Research Paper that previews an order on analyzing a day-care center and relating them to theories and concepts.

- Child psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses specifically on children.

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We have, it would appear, a chicken-and-egg problem: education is the key to the transformation of the culture's attitudes regarding morality; but, if Plato is right, the effectiveness of such education depends on a culture that supports the message delivered by educational institutions. Is there a way out of this vicious -- a term particularly appropriate, give our subject-matter -- circle?

The development and use of cohesive devices in L2 …

Unfortunately, this solution is itself seriously problematic: for it would appear to be naively unrealistic to think that we have the capacity to reshape the larger culture in such a way that the child is surrounded and nurtured by a worthy moral ideal; for better and/or for worse, we are far from knowing how to re-shape cultural attitudes and dispositions in accordance with our wishes. Indeed, those who seek the kind of cultural transformation that is being suggested as a condition of adequate moral education often turn to education to launch this transformation.

- Father-Daughter Relationships evaluates the importance of the relationship between them.

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- Language Research Paper looks at the different ways in which we use language in society.

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Both Jerusalem and Athens - the culture of the ancient Israelites and the culture of the ancient Greeks, each of which has substantially influenced contemporary Western civilization - speak instructively concerning the role that culture plays in the moral life of human beings. Commenting in Hellenistic times on the Biblical verse, "Noah was a righteous man, and perfect in his generation," Rabbinic commentators intimate two very different interpretations:

- Language development in Infants is a very hot topic and the research available is stunning.

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To my way of thinking, there may -- and I use the word "may" deliberately to signify something short of full confidence -- be a way out of this dilemma. This way out is grounded in the insight that schools and families are not just vehicles of "direct instruction", but are themselves cultures. That is, they are social institutions in which are embedded a rich array of norms, customs, and ways of thinking. While it may true that schools, thought of as vehicles of direct instruction, are not in a position to compete with the beliefs and values that suffuse the larger culture, it may be that the culture of the school, if organized around a moral vision that improves on what is available in the larger culture, would prove a worthy competitor.