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Guarding the eastern margin of this country are the huge Cascade volcanoes, wrapped in snowy blankets the year around, beautiful but ominous. And bounding it on the south is the great river of many names: Wauna, Nchi'wana, Oregon, the River of Kings, the River of the West, the Columbia. It rises from the ice fields of the distant Rockies, and winds its way through high-shouldered mountains and broad grasslands, accepting tributaries from pine-scented plateaus as it enters a gaunt volcanic waste carpeted with sagebrush. The basalt cliffs hemming its powerful current here are broken by the empty mouths of canyons, dry coulees, gouged into the rock by terrible floods that once scoured the land. Leaving the desert, the broad river cuts west through the Cascades in a spectacular gorge hung with gossamer waterfalls before it reaches the sea with one last mighty show of turbulence. This is the world of Coyote, heroic in scale, bearing the marks of chaos but offering abundant riches.

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The people were here when the Pacific Northwest emerged from its icy womb and donned its forest raiment. Raven, Changer and Coyote, the demiurges of the myth-time, tamed its monsters, made it habitable for humankind and taught people how to live well in it. For 500 generations they flourished until newcomers came and transformed it yet again. In this new dispensation much was lost; much was devalued, but much was also hidden away in the hearts of the dispossessed. In time, part of this found its way into print, into the records of those patient and interested enough to write down what the elders remembered. Artists and photographers preserved images of a changing world.

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To the surprise of many, the people, the Native Americans, survived the transformation, and in our own day they have reclaimed a place of honor in the civic household, restored vitality to many of their ancient traditions and crafted new ones adapted to novel conditions. Their voices insist upon a hearing and the cumulative wisdom of their long residence in this land offers rich insights to those willing to listen. The challenge now is to find a way to make knowledge of the ancient traditions, the experience of change and the living reality accessible and available.

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To the south, where the Fraser River surges into the Gulf of Georgia, the land assumes a gentler cast. Strong rivers exit their mountain fastnesses and wind through a lowland plain before emptying into the great, rich estuary known as Puget Sound. Here it only seems to be as rainy as it is further north: the Olympic rampart catches most of the precipitation on its western slope, leaving the country in its shadow relatively dry. Before they were cut away, the lowland forests were also immense, but intermingled with them were open areas covered with ferns and grasses and spangled with wildflowers. This is the land of the Changer, the Star Child who descended from the heavens to the fertile earth and, as Moon, married a daughter of the Salmon people, ensuring his human kin happiness and plenty if they would respect the family of his bride.