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The enthralling scope of Native American dance—from the Fancy dancers of the powwow circuit and the traditional keepers of sacred Indian ceremonies to the contemporary flourishes of modern Indian choreographers—is explored in this enlightening collection of essays by leading Native and non-Native scholars and practitioners of dance in the Indian community. A gathering of prominent voices, all marked by their passion for the dance, along with a wealth of illustrations, gives Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social Traditions a creative spirit grounded in authoritative scholarship.

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American Indian cultures, especially those of the Great Plains, have a rich relationship with their horses. Far more than a beast of burden, the horse is for Native people a friend and a spiritual companion. Nowhere is this bond more spectacularly illustrated than in the beautiful equipment Native horses wear and the tribal clothing, tools, and other objects that incorporate horse motifs. Filled with photographs of objects from the unparalleled collections of the National Museum of the American Indian, as well as historical photographs of North American Indians and their horses, this book documents the central role horses play in Native cultures.

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Native Americans have been among the most popular subjects of photography since the invention of the medium more than 150 years ago. Spirit Capture brings together more than 200 compelling images from the museum’s collections with essays from Native and non-Native historians, anthropologists, and curators. Whether depicting runaway Wyandot girls being returned to their boarding school, a Seminole woman sitting at a sewing machine, or a Yaqui man sporting a pair of bandoliers, these photographs attest to the adaptive strength of Native Americans in the face of profound economic, political, social, and spiritual change.

Ethics is used as a formal guideline for conducting business in order to minimize pain to the greater number of people as a whole.

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The museum’s holdings are rich in examples of Native ceramics from throughout the Western Hemisphere, stretching across forty centuries to the present day. In this book, four scholars introduce important and little-known ceramic figures and vessels representing the cultures of the Andes, Mexico, the American Southwest, and the eastern United States. Extensively illustrated with beautiful new photographs of objects from the museum’s collections, including many pieces published here for the first time, Born of Clay brings curatorial and Native artistic perspectives together to present a lively and concise introduction to Native American ceramics.

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Celebrating the diversity of the original foods of North, Central, and South America, Foods of the Americas highlights indigenous ingredients, traditional recipes, and contemporary recipes with ancient roots. With enticing food photography and images from the museum’s collection, this cookbook is a testament to the Native contribution to American cuisine. The book includes illustrated essays by eight Native writers who offer personal insight into a variety of food traditions—ranging from tributes to fry bread and June berries by George P. Horse Capture (A’aninin) to a memoir of a Hopi lunch featuring blue corn piki bread, stews, and domed pies by Thomas Sweeney (Citizen Band Potawatomi).

Assessment must be done to determine the current strengths and weaknesses of the existing collection.

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Though it's collected in his great and final collection of essays, , you can read an adaptation While it's a must-read for aspiring creative writers, it's about more than writing — much, much more — despite its brevity and characteristic Vonnegut wit. It opens with the best slam of the semicolon ever.

With the celebratory attitude of the Twenties in mind, Americans struggled to come to terms with the crisis of the Great Depression.

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The attitudes and shifting ideals of the Twenties led to many of the problems of the Great Depression, consequences of the hedonism and recklessness of the American public.

The flapper lifestyle is seen most clearly through Jordan Baker, a professional golfer and friend of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby....

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British novelist and short-story writer Joseph Conrad rendered about the "tragedy of loneliness" at sea and became known for his colorful, rich descriptions about the sea and other exotic places. He is regarded as one of the greatest English novelists of all time.