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Departmental Honors Programs. Most departments in the School of Social Sciences offer an honors program (refer to the departmental information). Upon successful completion of the honors program, students graduate with honors in their respective majors and their transcripts note that they were in the honors program.

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Graduation with Honors. No more than 16 percent of the graduating seniors, who have completed at least 72 units in the University of California will receive honors: approximately 2 percent summa cum laude, 4 percent magna cum laude, and 10 percent cum laude. The student’s cumulative record at the end of the final quarter is the basis for consideration for awarding Latin Honors. To be eligible for consideration for honors at graduation, the student must, before the end of winter quarter of the senior year, have submitted an Application for Graduation; be officially declared as a major within the School of Social Sciences; have all corrections to the academic record processed by the Registrar’s Office; if completing the Language Other Than English general education requirement with a language exemption test, pass the test by the end of winter quarter; and be able to verify completion of all course work by the end of the spring quarter of the senior year. Other factors are listed in the .

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The Center for Demographic and Social Analysis (C-DASA) advances population science by bridging academic units to identify common research interests and exchange new conceptual approaches and analytic methods. Serving 50 UCI faculty members in a dozen departments, as well as their graduate and postgraduate trainees, the Center is committed to research on the critical issues shaping the well-being of local, national, and global populations. Faculty affiliates are recognized for award-winning research, ranging from China’s one-child policy to global influenza epidemics, from programs to raise school achievement to social networks that link local neighborhoods. C-DASA promotes innovative research by fostering multidisciplinary exchange, supporting collaboration, and building the advanced infrastructure essential for demographic research and training in the 21st century. For additional information, including upcoming seminars, visit the .

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(1914 - 1971) pioneered several areas of the social work profession, including within the United States military, National Institute of Mental Health, and the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work.

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Because all degrees offered by the School of Social Sciences involve an educational program that is interdisciplinary and that prepares students to understand quantitative methods of data analysis, graduates are well-positioned for research and analysis careers at all levels of government and in private firms. Their solid grounding in contemporary social science methods and their familiarity with a broad spectrum of social scientific thinking gives them an excellent foundation for the pursuit of further training in graduate and professional programs.

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Social Sciences Academic Resource Center (SSARC) Resource Mangers (RMs) report directly to the Director and Associate Director, serving as frontline resource consultants, assisting visitors with resume development, graduate and professional school planning, internship placement, and professional development.