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The story of Jesus conforms to the heroic archetype, so naturally he and every comic book super hero share a common bond of labour and self-sacrifice for the common good. For a good while now, Batman's been claiming Gotham as his city, that only he can defend it. He's made himself Gotham's only hero, its only saviour. This is just an awesome progression of that.

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Batman, on the other hand, probably was raised Protestant or Catholic, but I feel confident in saying he no longer believes in a Higher Power. He certainly is not willing to let God take care of Judgement or Justice, but obviously believes that if he does not bring certain criminals to justice no one can or will. He has met godlike beings and those claiming to be gods, and been unimpressed by every last one of them. Batman sees the Universe as a cold and unfeeling place, where Bad Things happen to Good People and random violence can strike the most innocent and undeserving. He has prayed on his knees, and heard no answer. He is an atheist, and if he believed in God would track Him down and make him pay for his injustices.

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Even as comics have sort of become marginalized again, superheroes have experienced a renaissance the last five years or so. It seems every year brings two or three big budgeted superhero films. Admittedly most aren't terribly good. But while I've not read comics for quite some time, I do enjoy the Spiderman, X-Men, and Batman pictures. I have to confess I'm eagerly awaiting the forthcoming rebirth of Superman by X-Men's Bryan Singer. (And dreading Brett Ratner taking over X-Men). Anyway, I thought for a change of pace rather than doing a "practical ethics" I'd do the opposite. The most unpractical ethics of all: analyzing superheroes.

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Really? One might make a case for a general "good works ethical monotheism", but how many have made on page confessional statments of Christ being their personal Lord and Savior? To assume that these characters are Christian is akin to assuming that any male character without a girlfriend is gay. Is that good enough?

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Batman: Bruce Wayne seems to have WASP written all over it. The silver lining being, due to the eliteness of the Wayne family they were probably Episcopalian. However Batman sees the world in to clear of moral terms, good vs. evil, to really be comfortable with where that church is heading. Hopefully he'll get his hands on some Chesterton and cross the Tiber.

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