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I was raised Christian (or at least my mom tried) I don't consider myself to be one any longer, in truth I don't think I ever did, and I haven't seen a fraction of a percentage of what Kal El sees daily. Belief in an archaic control mechanism (my personal view of all organized religions) would have to be shot to hell by being able to fly, wouldn't it? He might believe in a higher power, but certainly I think planting him within an established religion, any religion would sound phoney. Agnostic views are probably as strong as he can get, given that he must have some idea that he suffers from a Savior Complex. Unless he wants to start thinking Jor El was God, he has to see some problems with these notions.

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Then read aloud this first paragraph from a college essay:

Sure, we rarely see outward expressions of faith by these characters. Except for celebration of Christmas, naturally, or the giant church scene in Infinite Crisis. But we rarely see a Jewish person do anything more than wear a Star of David or light a menorah. Diana gets a little more focus on her pagan religion, sure, but given that the gods created her... It's really not any more focus though, than is received by characters such as the Spectre, Zauriel or Peter David's Supergirl, all of whom became living representatives of a (usually) benevolent Judeo-Christian God.

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Now, I'd estimate 1/2 to 2/3 of the names on that list to be some denomination of Christianity. Admittedly, the amount that they practice within the text can be debatable. But still the number of Christian heroes vastly outnumber those of any other religion.

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John Byrne14 May 2004 at 4:31 am

When I asked TheMoosh what he thought Superman's religion was, he said right off the bat, "Kryptonian." I'm not really sure why though. Maybe he meant through the matrilineal line? Or something he CAME to, I guess, but if I were raised by wonderful adoptive parents, I wouldn't reject their heritage outright either. (And, of course, Superman generally doesn't do that--he sees himself as just another guy, but blessed with powers and, therefore, responsibility.)

[From reader comments section:]

He's not a Jew. He's not a Catholic. He's for God-like apparitions that do good on the Earth. Those apparitions could be of any religion; so for me Superman believes in a higher power and that's it!!!

I think he [Doug TenNapel] makes some valid points there.

JL [Justice League]'s Superman celebrated CHRISTmas in 'Comfort and Joy'. I saw a CHRISTmas tree in the Kent household and Martian Manhunter was sitting where the menorah usually is at the end. Clark was raised the right way. You want a Jewish superhero? I'm pretty sure The Hebrew Hammer is Jewish, at least he was in the movie.

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I agree. I wish that they would, at the least, they should show the Kents saying grace before each meal, like The Dukes Of Hazzard did! I see many people talking about 7th Heaven, I stopped watching that show because it was no longer Christian!!!!

An erudite and quite candid piece of writing.

re: "...Despite some of the religious symbolism with Clark, the creators of the show completely forsake the reality of families living in rural Kansas. We should see people going to church, praying. The Kents are a God-fearing family..."

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No, I said what I said because people want to promote something by starting a stupid thread like this. A few months ago, it was gay superheroes. So I toss it right back in their face!! I mean, how stupid do you have to be to ask if Superman is Jewish? Mr. Siegel, the creator might have been Jewish. But for God's sake, Superman is Kryptonian! Just the talk of ethnic or religious backgrounds of superheroes disgust me. There must be 100 websites of "Jewish superheroes", "gay superheroes", or "gay Jewish superheroes". Who the [expletive] cares??! If you want to attribute the character of Superman and Jews to truth, justice, and the American way, do so in your own mind. That propaganda only works on children, which is why I suspect many Jewish parents are telling their kids that Superman is Jewish.