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This can be worsened by the nature of mocktoolkits. Often mock tools specify very specific method calls andparameter matches, even when they aren't relevant to this particulartest. One of the aims of the jMock toolkit is to be more flexible inits specification of the expectations to allow expectations to belooser in areas where it doesn't matter, at the cost of using stringsthat can make refactoring more tricky.

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what is your essay about? if you have a specific theme it would help.

You are not marrying either the manufacturers of the components, or the components themselves. There is no "relationship" to consider. Audio components are strictly lifeless tools for you to use for your enjoyment. This may appear cold and ruthless, but that is the best (and only) approach to take if you want to reach your goals with the least amount of time, expense and effort. The only "relationship" you should have, as audiophiles, is with the music and the musicians. Don't waste your emotions on things and objects.

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Personally, I want the best (highest fidelity) audio system I can afford, and I'll do anything to get that system, short of criminal and/or unethical behavior. For me, this means ignoring, when ever possible, hyperbole, false claims, outright lies, obnoxious behavior and even raw hatred from others. While admittedly unpleasant, and ideally absent in the world of our hopes, these negative hurdles are all irrelevant when it comes to building the audio system of your dreams. They are just distractions. You should be interested in, and focused on, only the (potential) performance of the components, and not who makes them and how they market them.

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The answer is, while it still lacks vinyl's unique ability to convey the musical message in its most natural state, it is now good enough to be completely enjoyable on its own terms. Vinyl still sounds more real, but SACDs played by the P-05/D-05 are immensely satisfying and musically rewarding. It will take a top flight analog rig to match or exceed the superior reproduction of the Esoteric. That translates to a serious expenditure, at least in the $20K or greater range. A more modest phono set up will prove inferior on many sonic performance parameters. I can actually recommend, for the first time to those who have not yet entered the analog realm, spend that same money on acquiring the P-05/D-05 separates instead. A budget vinyl system will not provide the macro performance of the Esoteric separates. Capturing the weight, impact, dynamics, thunderous low end and transient intensity of the P-05/D-05 on SACD is beyond the purview of a less than state-of-the-art analog set up.

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The McCormack UDP 1, another highly touted player (Stereophile Class A) barely makes it into this category, narrowly escaping the realm solely occupied by the Ayre. The McCormack is essentially an amusical player that is bright, edgy and very lean with most of the natural harmonics shaved off. The bass is weak and lacking in body. This unit is what gives digital reproduction its poor image. It typifies all the negatives associated with bits and bytes. Its SACD reproduction is marginally superior to its redbook, being not as fatiguing. This player sounds like it should sell for $500.

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The first thing to consider is the context. Are we thinking about an easy collaboration, such as order and warehouse, or an awkward one, such as order and mail service?

These two behaviors imply a couple of tests, these look likepretty conventional JUnit tests.

We can then use state verification on the stub like this.

The Esoteric P-05/ D-05 represents a breakthrough in digital reproduction. Those who have lived exclusively within this realm of audio reproduction will be introduced into a new level of performance. Others, who have never been enamored by CD playback, will now become converts to the possibilities offered by SACD. The "perfect sound forever" is finally now, almost 3 decades after its inception, capable of offering the joys that wondrous music can provide. If spending $15K on SACD/CD playback is anywhere near one's budget, do it. You definitely do not need a preamp, as the P-05/D-05 has remote volume capability (and again inspite of any nonsense you might read in audio chat groups and the mainstream audio rags, straight into the amps sounds not only the most transparent, you will not sacrifice ANYTHING in terms of dynamics or bass). There is no digital player we've experienced under $20K that approaches the build quality, and the sonic excellences of the Esoteric P-05/D-05.