and Regan, the eldest daughter of King Lear is ..

As said within the quote Lear sees things as black or white with no grey in the middle; he is right in his thinking in his life but is unable to perceive Van Den Elzen, 3 which is black and which is white; since Goneril and Reagan both appear to be loving and kind hearted....

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Shakespeare's Characters: Goneril and Regan ( King Lear )

- Cordelia is very loyal because unlike her sisters she does not manipulate the
people around her
• However she is not submissive since she disobeys her father by not participating in the “love test”
• She is compassionate due to her ability to forgive her father after banishing her

- Regan and Goneril fight with each other over Edmund
We will be analyzing the female characters in Shakespeare's play King Lear....

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but do they all conform to the traditional female gender role of the Shakespearean time?
- Shakespeare portrays his female characters in both lights, challenging traditional gender roles
- He does not distinguish between his female characters, as all of them fail in the end
What can we learn from These Women?
-When Goneril and Regan were given power, they misused it
• By studying their characters, it is suggested by Shakespeare that women in power are unreliable and manipulate the people around them
•Regan and Goneril are considered evil

-• Since they are women in power, they are represented as heartless women with the desire of power.

In order to bestow his kingdom between his three daughters; Goneril, Regan and Cordelia he calls them together.

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After grossly misinterpreting the reticence of his heretofore prized daughter Cordelia, Lear divides his kingdom between the mendacious Goneril and the scheming Regan, thereby leaving the fate of the land at their unskilled mercies....

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King Lear is based on a King’s difficult decision of dividing his precious kingdom between his daughters, whose names are Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia.

We first learn of the empty words of Goneril and Regan as well as their hatred for their father, King Lear.

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- Just like Christ, she was punished for her good deeds
- Connections to Virgin Mary can also be made ( Lear carries her dead body) this is a reference to Christ's mother carrying her dead son
- Parental love also plays a large role, between Lear and his daughters and Gloucester and his sons
- Cordelia is a stereotypical woman of the Shakespearean Era while Regan and Goneril withhold unusual characteristics.

The play opens with King Lear retiring and deciding to split his land between his three daughters Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia.

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This is seen through Cordelia and her sisters; Regan and Goneril, and their treatment towards their father, Albany and his brother in law Cornwall’s dealings regarding King Lear and Gloucester and lastly, Edgar and his half brother Edmund, with the actions towards their father, Gloucester....

Thus, when Lear has given all this material possessions to his daughters, Goneril and Regan, he begins his long journey of self discovery.

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Lear first shows an act of blindness in Act 1, when he divides his kingdoms among his three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, through a test of who loves him the most....