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What I arguehere is that the ineffectual, baffled Christian faith of theMonster -- the main victim and critic of benevolent philosophy in -- is used by Mary Shelley to call intoquestion both Christianity itself and the ideology that Godwinand Shelley were offering as an alternative to it.When one sets out to read in search of itsreligious meaning, what is immediately striking is the totalabsence of the supernatural as a functioning element in theplot.

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By making a monster the exponent ofthe religious system that stood in radical ideological oppositionto her father's views, she set up a curious dialectic by whichshe was able to call the Godwinian order into question withoutdistinctly affirming the Christian alternative, which functionsso ambiguously as to leave its validity in question.

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The following essay will attempt to detail Godwin’s scandal, his reasoning behind the revelations that involved suicide attempts and affairs, as well as the public views and placement of women within the era.

For Hansson, both books were best understood in the light of Godwin’s 1818 essay ‘Of Religion’.
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The direction pursued by feministcritics in the seventies is suggested by the title of JudithWeissman's article, "A Reading of as theComplaint of a Political Wife." How quickly this revisionistinterpretation became critical commonplace is illustrated inGeorge Levine's collection (1979), in which essay after essay takes for granted the polemicagainst Mary Shelley's father and husband, disagreeing only asto how deliberate or specific the criticism is. For the purpose of my argument I will use"Godwinian" and "Christian" to denote broadly conflictingideological systems.

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And the novel istherefore interpreted as asking how it is possible that a manlike Frankenstein (or like Shelley or Godwin), considered byhimself and others to be the benevolent benefactor of hisspecies, can somehow, with the best intentions and the highestprinciples, bring misery and ruin upon those around him as theresult of his experiments with human life.Since Miltonic religion and Godwinian "philosophy" offerradically antithetical views of human nature and destiny, one isleft wondering at which ideology the novel's satiric or parodicintent is primarily directed.

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