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Nevertheless, organization such as IBM, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola seem to have grass the understanding of the great importance in dealing with unlike cultures....

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Globalization is the concept of companies sending jobs overseas to those who will work for less.

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Upon arrival, immigrants face countless forms of barriers, such as: language, proper credentials, abandonment of education and work experience from abroad, discrimination, lower earnings and cultural differences....

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His exhibits disgust for these people, expressing hate (Hage 185), and yet his brief admission into their circle is indicative of his acceptance into a foreign culture by allowing himself to be fetishized, thereby fulfilling the role needed to join.

Globalization in business definitely brings a lot of great opportunities for many countries.

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Since the rapid growth of both amateur and professional sports in the beginning of the previous century, sports like hockey, basketball and curling became inseparable part of Canadian culture.

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Soros, George (1930-). Influential financier, operating Soros Fund Management and Quantum Group funds (1969-), who gained fame in successful currency speculation marking integration of financial markets, hence target of globalization critics. Emigrated from Hungary, 1947; studied at London School of Economics. Founder of charitable Open Society Fund (1979) and Soros Foundations network, engaged in humanitarian projects around globe, promoting debate on controversial issues in U.S. Critic of unrestrained capital mobility and "market fundamentalism." Publications include The Alchemy of Finance (1987); Underwriting Democracy (1991); Soros on Soros (1995); The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered, (1998). Sources: R. Slater, Soros : The Life, Times, & Trading Secrets of the World's Greatest Investor, 1997; L.B. Lindsey, Economic Puppetmasters, 1999; "Soros's Milk of Human Kindness Running Dry," The Daily Telegraph, Aug. 14, 1999; "Volatile Market Forces Soros to Scale Back Risk in Quantum Fund," Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2000; "A Social Call from a Ruthless Speculator," The Financial Times, May 6, 2000.

The Native Canadians have been oppressed and forced into assimilation it the Canadian culture for hundreds of years.

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Sociologists Martin Albrow and Elizabeth King define globalization as “…all those processes by which the peoples of the world are incorporated into a single world society.”(9) Due to globalization the world seems to have come closer....

This relationship and its relevance to Canadian literature, is in some ways a form of cultural expression.

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Malcolm Waters, in his book– ‘Globalization’ writes that “Globalization is a social process in which the constraints of geography on economic, political, social and cultural arrangements recede, in which people become increasingly aware that they are receding and in which people act acco...

However, in order to make the best of the globalization in business, management is the golden key to that success.

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Wallerstein, Immanuel M. (1930-). Key figure in development of theory of capitalist world-system. PhD, Columbia University, 1964. Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Director, Fernand Braudel Center, at State University of New York at Binghamton since 1976. President, International Sociological Association, 1994-8. Started career as student of Africa; became proponent of world-system theory, historical account of development of global capitalist system stressing role of strong core countries in world market. Critic of global inequality and of outmoded disciplinary divisions in social science. Publications include The Modern World-System (Vols. 1-3; 1974,1980,1989); Geopolitics and Geoculture (1991); Unthinking Social Science (1991); After Liberalism (1996); The End of the World As We Know It (1999). Sources: T.R. Shannon, An Introduction to the World-System Perspective, 1989; S.K. Sanderson, ed., Civilizations and World Systems, 1995.