America's rage-sickness trickles down from the top

Berner, Jim, Terry Callaghan, Shari Fox, Etc. "Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Highlights." 2004. . Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. 3 Dec. 2004

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Indictment includes infamous Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg

No amount of killing seems to be enough for Congress to take action

The richest man in the world's pledge to send Dreamers to college sounds great, but his company's poor treatment of its workers is a bigger problem

The president's contempt for the rule of law appears to be limitless

A leftwing candidate was ejected from the capitol for calling out corporate influence – is this the start of something big for the state's democrats?

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3.) Larger Surf – Whaling is a mainstay of Barrow's Inupiaq Eskimos, and is becoming more dangerous. Bigger waves – small boats less viable on open water, harder to enter near shore (Charles Wohlforth, 2004). To help ease the problems of larger surf we would recommend a harbor for easier boat launching.

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2.) Wind Power – Wind power would be highly effective because the average wind speed in Barrow is 12.8 mph. Some windmills generate electricity atless than 5 cents/kWh. For a wind mill to work effectively the average wind speed of an area must be between 8 and 14 mph. Barrow's average wind speed is 12.8 mph, so Barrow would be a prime spot for this wind program.

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A general contractor in Barrow noted that the depths at which pilings for structures must be set have increased by several feet over twenty years. Warming of permafrost before the actual thawing can greatly reduce the load capacity of pilings, creating significant problems for buildings and pipelines (Hinzman, 2004). Permafrost used to make a useful medium for foundation in these regions, but the melting is presently making it very dangerous to build a foundation in. This raises the challenge of preventing thawing of ice-rich permafrost in order to avoid slumping of buildings, pipelines, and dirt roadway (Berner/Hinzman, 2004).

He gave the rich a tax cut – and now the president's budget takes aim at the poor

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ined by anything because what you will you fill by containing it? ?(Confessions 4) By asking such soul searching questions, Augustine can reach a conclusion, in this case that "In filling all things, you [God] fill them all with the whole of yourself. ? (Confessions 4) Through such methodology of working towards philosophical discovery, Augustine reaches many conclusions about God's form, recognition of truth being an "assembly ? of God's eternal memory, and the existence of evil merely being distance from God.
Plato and Augustine shared dissimilar views on the role of

The president's new "Nuclear Posture Review" shows Trump at his most cowardly and dangerous

"Global Warming Makes Bears Sweat." Planet Save. 03 Dec. 2004 .

The problem we will address discusses the effect of melting permafrost on various forms of infrastructure. We focus on homes and roads because those affect many people personally. Solutions for the problems to home foundations include: building a crawl space, hiring a certified contractor, and finding more stable ground to build upon.

We already have planet-cooling technology – the problem is, it's killing us

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4.) Invading Species Moving Inland – "In a similar fashion, the red fox is heading north and can now be found in Arctic regions where winters have become less severe. That's bad news for the cold-hardy arctic fox, because it can't compete with its larger, more aggressive cousin."()