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Especially when attempting to support 7 billion plus people, do these three paradigms require serious re-evaluation. Simply put, the toxic side effects to all life, collateral damage throughout the global environment, and highly deleterious unintended consequences are too great to ignore given the state of the planet. Not only is sustainability a major issue, inhabitability is now the most pressing matter facing humankind.

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The activists now prefer to call it “climate change”.This gives them two advantages:

Here’s a statement from the American Meteorological Society:

If you don’t believe this, go take a walk in the middle of New York City on a hot summer day. Then go take a walk in the Catskill Mountains on the following day. You tell us which is cooler, the walk through the forest or the laborious stroll down 42nd Street?

Chemtrails being sprayed above the cloud cover

Simplistic though this may sound, this exercise doesn’t even account for all the myriad changes to the atmosphere which are triggered by so much industrial pollution, caused by industry and burning of dirty fuels for electricity and heat. All of these factors are on an upswing trajectory which can only mean that manmade contributions to GCC will be felt for the foreseeable future as they intensify.

Who is promoting the Global Cooling disinfo?Could it be the geo-engineers and their paymasters?

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Some organisms develop the ingredients to survive andmultiply, so it is with business and religions. It is characteristic ofbusinesses that they dispose of the entrepreneurs who create them and are takenover by a different breed of corporate manager: so it is with religions. Thebrutally suppressed troglodytes who were the early Christians of Rome were adifferent breed from the cardinals, bishops and abbots who bestrode mediaevalEurope and lived the opulent life. There were also, of course, the humble andsaintly mendicant friars. The equivalents of all these varieties exist withinthe new movement.

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The other route to power was the Trotskyite method ofentryism. Once one adherent to the cause obtained a position of authority hecould recruit others of a like mind. One by one the bastions of the media, andeven science itself, fell to the intruders. A new breed of environmental editorsachieved a monopoly of reporting in those areas that coincided with theirbeliefs. With powerful media organisations behind them they then also had theprotection of the law to intimidate their adversaries. Opposition to themovement was largely confined to the internet and a few determined individualsin remote institutions, such as the emasculated rump of the British House ofLords.

What follows is another statement made by the Union of Concerned Scientists:

I followed the money and found one possibility:

There is perhaps no greater threat to the sustainability of the biosphere than the methane predicament which lurks in the depths of the seven seas. (also known as methane clathrates) are frozen in massive quantities under very high pressure throughout the oceans of the world.

It’s the atmospheric changes and geoengineering assaults which really matter

There are nice projects, one of them is this…

The Colorado disasters are particularly instructive about how excessive weather modification can create seemingly contradictory scenarios. When drought (and wildfires) alternate with deluges (and floods), it means that the weather patterns have been profoundly disrupted. Those living in Boulder, Aurora and Longmont will testify that no such rain events have ever been seen, as will those residing in the Colorado Springs area speak to the rash of wildfires never witnessed before.

The Arctic has had seasonal melts at an unprecedented rate as evidenced by newly formed lakes.

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Money is the basis of the new religion. It poured in fromvarious foundations (the so-called ketchup money) and naïve donors. Theactivists found that they had to maintain and innovate their product (anxiety)to keep the income rising, so they had to keep increasing the imaginary threatsboth in intensity and number. With money came power. In Britain, the politicalparties are all effectively bankrupt, so the temptation to hang onto thecoattails of a movement with so much momentum was irresistible. Even theConservative Party submitted to a coup that was totally alien to everything ithad ever believed in.