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George Washington was a wealthy plantation owner from the British colony of Virginia. He fought in the French and Indian War before representing Virginia at the first Continental Congress. He was later chosen as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army that defeated the British in the American War of Independence. He then went on to become the first American president.

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The Journalism major at the University of Georgia is designed to prepare students for jobs in news organizations. Students learn to find and tell stories that matter on multiple platforms for a variety of audiences. They develop storytelling skills in audio, visual and written forms. They learn what makes a story important, how to gather credible information, and how to present it in the most effective way while balancing the ethical and legal needs of news organizations and audiences. Grady Journalism graduates are prepared to be leaders and media entrepreneurs. Our graduates excel at jobs in online media, television, magazines, newspapers, and any career that values ethical, credible communication skills and leadership.

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The Scientific Illustration major at the University of Georgia encourages student artists to develop a level of awareness that communicates visual information in a logical message or sequence that is not confusing to a viewer. Courses are available in digital imagery, graphic design, figure drawing, environmental graphics, color technique, and others.

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The curriculum has three components: prerequisite courses in calculus, statistics, computer programming, and cartography; core courses in geographic information science, aerial photography, and cartographic visualization; and electives courses that permit exploration of more advanced GIS themes including but not limited to transportation modeling, digital image analysis, geospatial analysis, GIS programming, or an internship.

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''I am the current president of the Georgia Museum of Art Student Association. Our free student night events at the Georgia Museum of Art that have been hugely successful. Working with the wonderful people at the museum has been such a valuable experience for me from the start. I am currently beginning work for a local collector helping to manage a private art collection. This will include photographing artworks, archiving, and doing research about certain artworks and artists. Soon I hope to be doing studio visits and conducting video interviews with artists in the community, which I am very excited about!''