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The struggle against power and for freedom had been water of thedam five years before theof 1787. Thestruggle for power over liberty was on. George Mason was not a manto put on and then shed his principles “like some shabby old coatat the door.“ The same libertarian rode into Philadelphia in May1787 that rode into Williamsburg in May 1776. He was in theConvention every hour of every session. During recesses he wastugging at the coat tails of committeemen. To one of his childrenhe wrote,

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The bill of rights and constitutions of every American state, thefederal government and more than one half of the constitutions ofthe earth, this day, contain from one to many provisions that firstflowed from the pen of George Mason. For example, the privilegeagainst self-incrimination, which first attained the dignity ofconstitutional status by the pen of George Mason, is in the billsof rights or constitutions of every American state except Iowa andNew Jersey, is in the Federal Bill of Rights and is in thefundamental instruments of government of many foreign nations.

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George Mason retired to Gunston Hall broken in health and spirit.A divine providence had sustained him with an undergirding arm inhis final battle for the rights of men. In 1791 hisbecame the seal of a Constitution that should limit power as wellas confer it. He lived barely long enough to thank the God heworshipped sincerely—then came death and oblivion.

discovered the ardor of political notice, rather than ripeness inpolitical wisdom. That by George Mason swallowed up all the rest.

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George Mason was born in 1725 to George and Ann Thomson Mason. Their first son and a fourth generation Virginian, Mason lived with his family on a Fairfax County Plantation. His father tragically drowned in a boating accident when Mason was ten, and his mother was left to raise George and his two siblings alone. After studying with tutors and attending a private academy in Maryland, at age 21 Mason took over his inheritance of approximately 20,000 acres spread across several counties in Virginia and Maryland. Four years later, in 1750, Mason married 16 year old Ann Eilbeck with whom he had nine surviving children. Mason adored Ann and was devastated when she died in 1773 at the age of 39. Relying on his eldest daughter to help run the domestic side of the plantation's operation, Mason remained a widower until 1780 when he married Sarah Brent.

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George Mason University librarians attended the National Communication Association (NCA) event, “The C-SPAN Archives: An Interdisciplinary Resource for Discover, Learning, and Engagement,” on November 21, 2013. A group of approximately twenty scholars, educators, and C-SPAN staff met to share presentations and ideas for a proposed edited collection of essays.

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: Madison’s pitiful efforts in Congressto rephrase George Mason’s proposals were usually rejected in thecommittee of the whole, and Mason’s phraseology substantiallyrestored. One of Mason’s proposals, rejected by Congress, wasrecently adopted as the 22nd Amendment—to forestall a shoe-clerkdynasty. More than half of the 22 amendments to our Constitutionwere originally penned by the hand of George Mason.

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The words of George Mason (1725-1792) have inspired generations of Americans and others throughout the world. Mason was among the first to call for such basic American liberties as freedom of the press, religious tolerance and the right to a trial by jury.