2). What is genetically modified food? Why is it grown?

After the genetically modified food is absorbed into the human digestive tract, these antibiotic genes could potentially be absorbed into the blood stream or into the bacteria in the intestines(5).

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Genetically modified food (GMF, GM Crops, or Bio-Food) are the norm in America today.

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We are not aware of the damage genetically modified organism can bring, by altering the natural traits of our foods not only impact our environment but it also impacted our abilities to functions as regular humans....

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Although some countries have begun to label GM foods, 135 countries are still in the dark as to whether or not what they are eating is genetically modified.

Genetically modified foods also have a bad consequence to needy families from small villages.

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The purpose of this activity is to help students understand what genetically modified foods are (especially corns) and how and why they were created. The students will be exposed to various issues surrounding genetically modified foods and to help them understand the complexity of the issues surrounding the biotechnology movement. This activity will allow students to be able to use appropriate vocabulary to identify and argue the potential benefits and risks of genetically modified food such as corn (pros and cons) and the opportunity to argue and collect evidence to support the benefits or risks that surround the use of genetically modified corn. This activity is also designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to write in science, using scientific language in writing and discussion, and develop their speaking and listening skills.

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In North America, about 60 – 70% of food sold in stores includes genetically modified ingredients. Why is this number so high? , soybeans and canola are so pervasive in our food supply – as processed food ingredients and components of animal feed – and they happen to be the top genetically modified crops. Look no further than any food with corn in its history – from corn-fed ground beef to soda pop containing high-fructose corn syrup – GMOs are stocking the shelves.

Genetically modified foods are in our diets and on the shelves in the supermarket.

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This unpredictability appears to be causing the most controversy over genetically modified foods, as there is insufficient evidence and need for further research.

2). You are the President of Zambia. Many people are starving. Would you accept genetically modified food? Why or why not?

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Because the sale of genetically modified foods has been allowed without proper assessment of the risks to health (7), these potentially associated risks have become an issue of increasing concern.

Genetically modified foods are crop plants created for human or animal consumption using molecular biological techniques.

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The public has not been adequately educated of the presence of genetically modified ingredients in their diets and the possible risks that these foods may entail, and hence, they have been disempowered in their rights to make informed choices.