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Professor Breasted gives the following summary of the history of the Hyksos:“About 1657 b.c., before the close of the Thirteenth Dynasty, there now poured into the Delta from Asia a possibly Semitic invasion such as that which in prehistoric times had stamped the language with its unmistakable form; and again in our own era, under the influence of Mohammed’s teaching, had overwhelmed the land.… These invaders, now generally called the Hyksos, after the designation applied to them by Josephus (quoting Manetho), themselves left so few monuments in Egypt that even their nationality is still the subject of much difference of opinion; while the exact length and character of their supremacy, for the same reason, are equally obscure matters.… The late tradition regarding the Hyksos, recorded by Manetho and preserved to us in the essay of Josephus against Apion, is but the substance of a folk-tale.…” (Breasted,

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And they hated him yet the more for his dreams, and for his words.">Genesis 37:8 (“shalt thou indeed have dominion over us?”), it has been inferred that E was committed to writing at some time subsequent to the Disruption of the Kingdom. to events recorded in the Pentateuch are exceedingly rare; and, when they occur, it is not easy to say whether they are based upon the written Narratives embodied in the Hebrew Bible, or upon similar, but not identical, oral tradition recording the same events: cf.

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This story, a very ancient one, as I said, was invented by the Jews to explain the difficult passage in Genesis; and the early Christian writers learnt it from the Jews, and it passed into many commentaries which were written in later time: so that you may still see representations of it carved in stone in churches both in England and elsewhere.

(Answer in an essay of 40 words, minimum)4. Why did Darwinian, evolutionary thinking, present opposition to the Monogenesis of Language thesis?
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Theistic evolutionists hold a non-interventionist approach to divineaction: God creates indirectly, through the laws of nature (e.g.,through natural selection). For example, the theologian John Haught(2000) regards divine providence as self-giving love, and naturalselection and other natural processes as manifestations of this love,as they foster autonomy and independence. While theistic evolutionistsallow for special divine action, particularly the miracle of theIncarnation in Christ (e.g., Deane-Drummond 2009), deists such asMichael Corey (1994) think there is only general divine action: Godhas laid out the laws of nature and lets it run like clockwork withoutfurther interference. Deism is still a long distance from ontologicalmaterialism, the idea that the material world is all there is.

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These massive objects produce such a strong gravitational pull that not even light can escape

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