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General Electric provided suchresources to Langmuir and Vonnegut, and General Electric managementwas able to quickly arrange contracts with the U.S. Military.

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Army Signal Corps began a contractwith General Electric for cloud modification experiments.

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Other semiconductor manufacturers began high volume production of germanium transistors in the mid-1950s. Major companies included General Electric, Motorola, Philco, RCA, Sylvania, Texas Instruments and Western Electric.

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There was a newborn and evolving science of making the LamCo-style heat pump work properly, which was being discovered by trial-and-error in the field. Air-to-air heat pumps were about at the appliance level of development, being relatively easy to install, although their performance was poor. The plant manager was not going to admit to Dennis that electric companies were the marketing conduit for heat pumps, as selling a heat pump usually meant replacing or complementing something that burned fossil fuels, so the heat pump was usually a way for the electric companies to expand their market into fossil fuel territory. A COP of two doubled the efficiency of the electricity used, so it could compete with fossil fuels in certain markets. A COP of six would mean only one unit of electricity used for six units of heat farmed from the environment. That is not much electricity, and in an all-electric state like Washington, replacing an electric heater with a LamCo-style heat pump would mean an 83% decline in electric consumption for heating. In Washington, that was a lot more conservation than the electric companies had in mind, though it would take Dennis year to understand that, and he learned the hard way.

The first existence of the electric car under General Motors (GM) dates back to 1996 when they launched the EV1 electric vehicle.
[Using the same type of batteries he helped to prepare the first electric flight of a manned aircraft which was a modified motor-glider MB-E1.

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An article appeared in the local papers, in early June 1985, just as Mr. Financier came aboard. The article called Dennis’s company a scam, the equipment worthless, and stated that it would not qualify for the tax credit. The article further stated that a local electric company spokesman called for the Attorney General’s ("AG's") office to investigate such an obvious scam, as well as all solar companies in Washington. The LamCo system had qualified for the tax credit. It was not a typical heat pump. Dennis eventually testified at IRS hearings regarding the LamCo-style heat pump, and even tried helping the government make the tax credit accountable, as the solar systems were largely scams. The electric company even went so far as to say that they had repeatedly asked Dennis’s company for information about the LamCo-style heat pump, and Dennis had stonewalled them. That was in the Big Lie category. The opposite was true. By that time, Dennis had done everything he could think of to get the electric companies interested in his heat pump. He still thought that they would love what he was doing. One day, he even had one of his units put on a truck, ran it in an electric company's parking lot, and begged them to come out and test it. They refused to even come out of the building. When that article appeared, Dennis began suspecting who might be “out to get” him.

Irving Langmuir,

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A Deputy Attorney General named Betsy led the investigation. By the end of summer, Dennis was flying high, sales streamed in, systems were manufactured, and installers trained. Mr. Financier’s stock in Dennis’s company was worth millions of dollars, and he sold Dennis a plush house that he owned in Bellevue (with a weight room and pool in the basement), for more stock in the company, and Dennis was finally making the Big Time. Unknown to Dennis, the evil deeds were just beginning. The electric companies were not going to stand by and watch Dennis damage their market, even though they publicly said they wanted what he was doing. They called in their favors.

Following the end of World War II, a serious power shortage prompted KEPCO to expand its generating capacity by focusing on hydroelectric power....

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Dennis had been trying to attract the electric companies’ interest, as he believed their full-page ads about energy conservation. In reality, the electric companies were perpetrating a huge fraud upon the public, and Dennis threatened to ruin the racket. The economic reality was that the electric companies sold electricity provided by the BPA, from the many hydroelectric dams that dotted the watery Pacific Northwest. The BPA was the wholesaler and the local electric companies were retailers. Partly because the federal government absorbed most of the dam-building costs, Pacific Northwest residents had the USA's cheapest energy bills. Because electricity was so cheap, electricity-intensive industries such as were located there, and many homes used electricity for heating, generally with electric resistance heaters.