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The Journal of Research in Gender Studies publishes articles in a range of formats, including reviewed papers, research papers, interviews, book reviews, conference papers, short communications, feminist approaches that analyze scholarly inquiry concerning gender, femininity, masculinity, race, class, culture, and cover a wide range of subject areas enumerated below, but not restricted to: Debating Multiculturalism: Images of Women, Femininity and Masculinity; Gender Identities and Religious Identities; Gender Roles in Literature and the Media; Towards Gender Equality in Business World; Im/Migration, Gender and Law; Gender and Public Politics; Gender and Imagology; Deconstructive Feminism; Gender in Legal and Political Discourses; Writing Gendered Histories; The Faces of Sexual Violence: History, Discourses and Reality; Gender Representations in Socialist and Post-Socialist Cultures; Women in Art: Images and Agents; Women’s Movements and Feminism; Women and Production of Knowledge: Women and Written Culture; Women Writers and Women Readers.

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This essay reviews some of the most recent debates on the selfie phenomenon and places it into a broader context of photographic self-portraiture, investigating how the Instagrammed selfie differs from its precursors. The Selfie phenomenon should be viewed in the light of history of photography as a sub-genre of self-portraiture and as a new subject of vernacular photography studies as well as treated as a side product of technological developments that have led to the easy availability of image-making devices and image-sharing platforms.

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First, they would like to introduce the student to the most significant topics in the field of gender studies, especially from an anthropological perspective.

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These include:

-the study of man and woman in prehistory

-the relationship between biology and culture

-the cultural construction of masculinity, femininity, and sexuality

-variations in the sexual division of labor and economic organization

-women?s involvement in ritual and religion

-the impact on gender issues of various forces of change such as colonialism, the rise of the state, and the global economy

Second, the authors attempt cover the subject matter cross-culturally and believe that this comparative analysis can help us all understand the issues of gender from both the less developed and more developed worlds.

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for the first part, I indicated that I wanted to be a boy when I was a kid, but turns out I shift back to a girl right now. I figured that it is so hard to explain, and would be too long to explain it in my essay, cuz it is unrelated to the point i raise in my essay. My brother influenced me a lot when I was a kid, which makes me want to be a boy, who can wear pants all the time and not wear dresses. When I became a teenager, I look exactly like a boy with my height (5’8, considered to be tall among Asians). But I always know like I like boys, too. I always said that I would be gay if I was as a boy. And maybe this is one of the reasons I shifted back. Gay is more difficult to find a partner. not sure if my brother would be a good compare example on it? he studied econ and working in a finance filed. the difference how my parents raise him and me really made a difference of how i am right now. For my brother, they would send him to learn sports, like soccer. for me, dancing, drawing.
not sure how to relate something/someone back to 50 years ago cuz we need to. we need to compare how (maybe different gender) people changes in these 50 years. would you life have been different if you had been born 50 years earlier?

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