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For a couple of decades, many non-leftists, in the wake of the plague, took more control of the messaging of gay rights. We emphasized those things that united gays and straights, and we celebrated institutions of integration — such as marriage rights and open military service. We portrayed ourselves as average citizens seeking merely the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else — Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. We were largely gender-conforming, which is not in any way better than non-gender-conforming, but this helped get the conversation started and sustained. We adopted a much less leftist stance — and few can really dispute that it was one of the most swiftly successful civil-rights movements in history.

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Identity politics is also starting to cause friction within the gay-rights movement itself.

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The most crucial moment in blowing the gay rights movement wide open was on the evening of July 27, 1969, when a group of police raided a gay bar in New York City.


The purpose of the gay rights movement was to earn equal rights for homosexual couples which were denied to them because of the belief that it was “wrong”.

In 1951 the first gay rights organization is formed by Harry Hay, who some consider the founder of the Gay Rights Movement.
However, most people recognize the Stonewall riot in 1969 as being the beginning of the gay rights movement....

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The left’s indifference to religious freedom — — has also taken a toll. So have the PC bromides of the LGBTQRSTUV reformulation. It’s a clearly ideological construct, and so it tends to feed ideological polarization, rather than unwind it. The gay-rights movement achieved its biggest gains when we worked against polarization, reached out across the spectrum, emphasized the human rather than the political, and did the key, hard educational work in our families, schools, churches, and neighborhoods. Too many seem eager to forget those lessons.

The gay rights movement was and is currently a movement that “strives to end all discrimination towards the LGBT community” (Redlingshafer).

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The Trump era is, I fear, not just about this hideous embarrassment of a president. It’s also fueled by a reaction of many ordinary people to the excesses of the social-justice left — on immigration, race, gender, and sexual orientation. If the gay-rights movement decides to throw in with this new leftism, and abandon the moderation and integrationism of the recent past, they risk turning gay equality from being about a win-win process for gays and straights into a war between “LGBT” people and the rest. That’s a battle none of us need to fight. Especially after the real war was won.

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These riots mark the start of the Gay Liberation movement–a social cause hampered by public stigma–such as the AIDS Epidemic, religious intolerance, negligence of an almost criminal level by the United States government, and outright scorn from all directions.