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At AWM upvc windows in Sheffield we recommend making every possible step to increase the security of your new or existing upvc windows and doors; including high security cylinder locks; reinforced window friction stays, security glass and reinforced window frames. Retro-fitting these items can be a costly process, however if you are considering buying new upvc windows in Sheffield it is advisable to take these steps as the windows are being made.

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How far should we go to protect ourselves? In recent decades domestic break-ins have become far more common than say 40 years ago. No longer can one leave the door open for the neighbors to ‘pop in to borrow a cup of sugar’; but is locking the door even enough?

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Many people would not think to check if their property is in a conservation area; however it only takes one phone call to Sheffield council to find the answer. This is not something to be ignored, as the conservation officers can request that you remove our new windows if they do not meet their requirements. This is usually down to the external colour and style of the window openings.

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Replacing sash windows in Sheffield will always be more complicated than replacing standard casement windows. As Sheffield city center and surrounding villages are predominantly still fitted with wooden sliding sash windows you may be considering changing these to energy efficient uPVC casement or uPVC sash windows. There are many things to consider before rushing ahead and employing a window company to take on the work. Our expert advice could save you time and money…

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Unless someone has taken the time to explain to you what a sash box is you may not even know that they exist. Sash boxes are hollow spaces to either side of your sash windows that house the counterweight pulley mechanism that allows the sash windows to stay in place once opened. This will be hidden behind the plaster and will be made from wood.

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A friction stay is commonly referred to as the window hinge. However a friction stay is designed to stop where it is positioned by using clever runners that also do not let the uPVC window open too far. Most friction stays are adjustable to stiffen the operation, this is useful in situations where strong gusts of wind can open the window; this is more common in side hung ‘casement’ openers.

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With a multi-chambered uPVC door frame, GRP composite slab with a dense foam core and an argon gas filled triple glazing unit there is no better specification for residential nose reduction.

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As the latest generation of uPVC sash windows operate by coil springs and not pulleys there is no need to retain the existing sash boxes. However to avoid re-plastering and redecorating some people opt to retain the existing sash boxes. This can potentially cause problems in future if the wood is rotten and can cause your property to be less efficient than converting th sash boxes.