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Othermethods of treatment, such as cognitive and behavioral therapy, have been proveneffective in many instances, and this illustrates that psychoanalysis is not the onlyoption for the treatment of neuroses and mental illnesses. Although I agree that the criticisms mentioned by the author are noteworthy, Ibelieve that the many criticisms of Freud's evidence and technique must not beoverlooked in the evaluation of his theory.

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This does not make Freud's psychoanalysis wrongnecessarily, but inconvenient at best.

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During the late 1890s Freud developed most of the core concepts for his newpsychology, as evidenced by his correspondence with Wilhelm Fliess, the physician who was his closest adult friend and who served as the to whom Freud divulged his struggles to understand neurosis, dreams, traumaticmemories, and the emergence of personality (Masson, 1985). Over the course ofseveral years Freud transformed his theorizing about the sources and dynamicsof neurotic anxiety from concernwith actual predisposing and concurrent causes to interpretive investigation offantasy and personal psychodynamics. Freud's self-analysis following hisfather's death in late 1896 led to an increased concern withdream-interpretation and to an increasingly rich experience of mutual involvement with patients (, 1986; Davis, 1990; ,1994). At a theoretical level the major change in Freud's thinking during thisperiod involved a movement away from a causal model for the effects ofchildhood trauma in the formation of adult personality and neurosis -- theso-called "seduction theory" -- and toward psychoanalysis as ahermeneutic discipline in which the subjective meaning of experience, whetherreal or fanciful, is the basis for understanding (Davis, 1994).

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Although for many years Freud had been considered a radical by many in his profession, he was soon accepted and well-known worldwide as a leading expert in psychoanalysis (Gay, 1989, p.

London: The HogarthPress and the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Freud, S.

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Then on September 19 he sends Jung a portrait and a copy of his 50thbirthday medallion. In his reply on October 10 Jung expresses delight with thephoto and the medallion, expresses his anger withcritics of psychoanalysis, using the image of "the dismal face of thiscoin." In his characterization of Freud's critics Jung makes a revealingslip:

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Freud seems to have responded immediately to Jung's intellectual passion,his brilliance, and his originality -- all qualities he missed in his Viennesedisciples. Jung's reading of Freud's works was incisive, and he knew how toadminister a compliment, as in a letter after Freud's four hour presentation ofthe "Rat Man" case (Freud, 1909) to the 1908 First InternationalPsychoanalytic Congress in :

Only Freud's writings are addressed as far as psychoanalytic theory goes, and all of the innovations within Freud's framework are ignored.

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Freud was a prolific letter writer throughout his long life, and hisrhetorical gifts often found their most vivid expression in his personalcorrespondence. Each of Freud's relationships with a man in the early period ofpsychoanalysis is mediated by a woman. In this triangle, Freud's possiblehomoerotic feelings for the man can be aroused and sublimated. Freud'sadolescent letters to his friend Silberstein, for example, testify to theextent to which his first romantic crush, on the pubescent Gisela , was in fact motivated in large measure by hisfascination with her mother and her older brother (,1990). His later letters repeatedly illustrate this motif.

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In spite of Freud's view that this theory represented his greatest insight and success, it has very much failed in the eyes of most of today's critics. Finally, many people feel that a major flaw of psychoanalysis is that, according to Farrell (1981), "it appears to encourage analytic and psychodynamic practitioners to overlook the place and great importance of ordinary common sense" (p.

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Critics dispute many aspects of psychoanalysis including whether or not it is indeed a science; the value of the data upon which Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, based his theories; and the method and effectiveness of psychoanalytic treatment.