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The beast pursues Frankenstein, commits treacherous acts and then Frankenstein is sent to the grave by making it his life’s mission to kill his creation.
Revenge is a seemingly endless cycle
Revenge, anger, love and hatred are closely intertwined in Frankenstein
These actions are as a result of feelings of abandonment, anger and blood thirst:
Frankenstein’s deep love for his family drives the deep emotions he feels for his creation when the beast causes the deaths of William and Justine, “My abhorrence of this fiend cannot be conceived.

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The seemingly endless cycle of revenge.
The irony of revenge
Revenge and anger are closely intertwined
Revenge is significant because it is what connects Frankenstein to his creation
Revenge is a seemingly endless cycle
• From the moment the beast is created, emotions of anger, hatred and a need for revenge drive the plot of the novel.

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The actions of Frankenstein and the beast show that revenge is driven by strong emotions- love, anger, loneliness.

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The beast tells Frankenstein that “You can blast my other passions, but revenge remains—revenge, henceforth dearer than light or food!” (132)

When all is said and done, the satisfaction gained from carrying out revenge if at all present, is fleeting and leaves the beast feeling empty.
One would presume that the ultimate revenge the beast could have carried out against Frankenstein was to kill him.

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If he was truly satisfied, he would not have left traces of his travels for Frankenstein to locate.
When the beast finds his creator dead, guilt hits him and he begs his creator for forgiveness, lamenting, “What does it avail that I now ask thee to pardon me?

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You had endowed me with perceptions and passions and then cast me abroad an object for the scorn and horror of mankind” (108)
Both Frankenstein and his creation feel that revenge is all they have left.