Photo by Lesa N. Lorusso. View of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

In addition to the architecture itself, I am pleased to learn that student labor and local resources were used in creating these architecturally interesting buildings.

Photos by Lesa N. Lorusso, Interior views of of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

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Frank Lloyd Wright was an amazing architect and one that has a very interesting biography. In a previous class I had the pleasure of studying a documentary about his life work and it only mentioned this campus but did not go into much detail as you have done here so I am very grateful to you for this week’s topic.

Featured Artist Frank Lloyd Wright American Architect The Patch

Cathy, the “day lighting” techniques used by FLW were way ahead of his time. Now a buzz word in sustainable and LEED certified architecture, day lighting was used throughout this campus. I have a friend that attended Florida Southern who said classes were not cancelled when the power went out, because the sky lights provided adequate illumination!

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There also was the circular Friedman house near Pleasantville, N.Y., in a cooperative development known as Usonia Houses. Usonia was the descriptive word used by Mr. Wright to typify what he considered to be the ideal American architectural style.

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One of Mr. Wright's largest commissions was the $10,000,000 campus of Florida Southern College in Lakewood. The project was begun in 1936 and sixteen structures were to be completed by 1960. Again Mr. Wright received mixed reactions for one of the edifices--a modern chapel building.

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I have not taken advantage of the opportunities I’ve had to visit this campus, when our children were looking at colleges. Although I know of its architectural Although I know of its architectural significance, I have not paid particular attention to it. Consequently, the photos provided in this blog were instrumental in telling the story that Frank Lloyd Wright wished to share through his architecture. Bryan mentioned his appreciation in the symbolic orange trees holding up the canopy to the walkway; I too love this! It reminds me of Gaudi’s columns at Guell Park in Barcelona, Spain.
I like some aspects of Wright’s style, and definitely agree with the concept of marrying the site and structure as one with nature. I like it best when architecture fits its location and looks like it belongs. I find it fascinating that such strong linear architecture looks peaceful in a campus setting; and am pleased that efforts to retain and preserve are in place and constantly improving to bring the actual features back to life.
The detailing of stained glass must be beautiful throughout the day as the light produces different patterns across the space. Thought put into such details across the campus have truly provided a treasure worth protecting!

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It could just be the lovely photos, but this campus is beautiful. I had no idea Florida Southern College was so unique, never mind being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This surprises me considering I know some high school class mates who attend there. Why are they not bragging? I have no idea. In high school I had to take a home design and management class, and we all had to choose one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs to present. I chose Falling Waters, of course. That was partially because I knew nothing about the architect at the time, and I am more interested in home design. I do not recall any of the students presenting on Florida Southern College, but I wish they did. Based on the photos, this design seems a little more tame than his others. When we mentioned Florida Southern College in class I was expecting to see something really crazy. Either way, I definitely would have scheduled a visit there just for kicks while touring colleges! Maybe I still will, considering I have some old high school classmates up there.

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He added Taliesin West, his own home in Phoenix, Ariz., to the rapidly growing list of Wright showplaces throughout the nation. This home, situated in Paradise Valley, he used as he did Taliesin East, as headquarters for his foundation teaching program. Approximately forty young apprentice architects yearly spent the term from April through November in the Wisconsin Taliesin and from December through March in the Arizona home.