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This saying of Maecenas's might have squaredmy account with you; but I feel sure, knowing you, that you will get outan injunction against me, and that you will be unwilling to accept paymentof my debt in such crude and debased currency. However that may be,I shall draw on the account of Epicurus./d He says: "You must reflect carefullybeforehand with whom you are to cat end drink, rather than what you areto eat and drink. For a dinner of meats without the company of a is like the life of a lion or a wolf." This privilege willnot be yours unless you withdraw from the world; otherwise, you will haveas guests only those whom your slave-secretary/e sorts out from the throngof callers.

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In the British colonies of Malaya and Singapore the official currency was the Indian rupee but the general public kept their accounts and made most of their payments, including taxes, in dollars and cents. Therefore in 1867 the public's preferences were recognised when legal tender status is given to various foreign coins such as dollars from Hong Kong, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. Subsequently, in 1874, the British authorities in Singapore also made the Japanese yen and US dollar legal tender.

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In mathematics, translation refers to moving an object without changing it in any other way

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