For Love of Country: An Essay On Patriotism and Nationalism


Our country is the world, our countrymen are all mankind. We love the land of our nativity, only as we love all other lands. The interests, rights, and liberties of American citizens are no more dear to us than are those of the whole human race. Hence we can allow no appeal to patriotism, to revenge any national insult or injury. ~William Lloyd Garrison, Declaration of Sentiments, Boston Peace Conference, 1838

If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace. ~Hamilton Fish

Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched. ~Guy de Maupassant

Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.

For Love of Country: An Essay on Patriotism and Nationalism

For Love of Country: An Essay on Patriotism and ..

Essay on patriotism and love for my country - …

Patriotism is the respect of the native history. It is natural and essential to be aware about the most important facts of the history of your country, because you learn many new and fascinating facts about the average people, their lifestyle, the failure and success and you start to realize how much does it cost to make the country prosperous, stable and convenient for life. Patriotism is not the love towards the territory of the country, it is the love towards the traditions and people who live on this territory, so it is important to have patriotic feeling in order to show the respect towards the ones who have contributed into the development of the country and its current peaceful condition.

Essay on patriotism and love for my country ..


Patriotism is easy to understand in America - it means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country. ~Calvin Coolidge

What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child? ~Lin Yutang

Patriotism knows neither latitude nor longitude.

Nationalism is the love and devotion to ones country, where devotion stands for the spirit to protect the needs and ideals of the nation.
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Maurizio Viroli is admirably forthright about what he believes is the proper task of students of nationality: "Instead of aiming at forging scientific definitions of the nature of patriotism and nationalism, we should aim at understanding what scholars, agitators, poets, and prophets have meant when they spoke of love of country" (4-5). It is, Viroli thinks, the tunnel-vision emphasis on causal and external approaches to nationalism studies that has led scholars to confuse, conflate, and generally elide the distinction between patriotism and nationalism. He contends that it is only from an internal, hermeneutic point of view that we can grasp the difference between these two types of nation-thinking. Obviously, this complaint would be irrelevant if the difference in question was unimportant, but Viroli argues with passion and skill that it is of great (indeed, of ) importance.

Viroli, Maurizio. For Love of Country: An Essay on Patriotism and Nationalism. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1995.

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Properly understood, the language of republican patriotism could serve as a powerful antidote to nationalism. Like the language of nationalism it is eminently rhetorical; it aims at resuscitating, strengthening, and directing the passions of a particular people with a specific cultural and historical identity rather than at attaining the reasoned approval of impersonal rational agents. It endeavors to reinforce bonds, such love [sic] of the common liberty of a people, which are as particularistic as the love of, or pride in, the cultural tradition or the shared destiny of a people. Precisely because it competes with nationalism on the same terrain of passions and particularity and uses rhetorical rather than purely rational arguments, patriotism is a formidable opponent of nationalism. It works on bonds of solidarity and fellowship that like feels toward like to transmute them into forces that sustain liberty rather instead of fomenting exclusion or aggression (8).

Patriotism is typically defined as an emotional attitude, love to homeland. Find other aspects of patriotic feeling and ideas for your essay in our post.

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This importance is made manifest, Viroli claims, by consideration of the effects of the core values propagated by patriot-writers and nationalist-writers: "for the patriots, the primary value is the republic and the free way of life that the republic permits; for the nationalists, the primary values are the spiritual and cultural unity of the people. In the writings of the founders of modern nationalism, the republic is either repudiated or regarded as an issue of secondary importance. Patriots and nationalists have endeavoured to instil or strengthen in us different types of love: a charitable and generous love in the case of patriotism, an unconditional loyalty or an exclusive attachment in the case of the nationalists" (2). The issue, then, is one of political freedom. Viroli holds that the effect of patriot values is to promote the republic (which in Viroli’s calculus is the sole vehicle for political freedom) and at the same time to make us charitable persons. The effect of nationalist values, by contrast, is to downgrade the status of the republic, and to rid us of —charity— for our fellow humans by instilling in us a univocal loyalty to the nation. Hence, nationalist values attenuate (and possibly, in the end, abolish) political freedom.