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Both Biblical and Gilgamesh floods share a central symbol of judgment and God’s wrath befalling the rebellious mankind. In fact, in Genesis 6, God told his faithful servant Noah that he would not relent to wipe the entire world by a flood due their transgressions and their sinful nature. In a similar manner, Gilgamesh god, Enlil advised Utnapishtim the steadfast servant of god Ea to build a huge boat as many people were to be punished by the fierce flood due to their transgressions.

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However similar and dissimilar these flood accounts are, mankind are compelled to learn that there is always a God who created and watches over our lives, and that this God could turn any form of nature into a disaster in our lives upon our transgressions of his laws. From the two flood stories we should learn that our God’s wrath is inevitable.

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Natural disasters flood essay

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