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You can conduct cancer research in our new life sciences labs, study rare plants in our herbarium or get a good look at the Andromeda Galaxy from the Olin observatory.

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New London is a great place to catch some sun in the spring, summer and fall. Ocean Beach is just a quick trip across town and the boardwalk has shops, snacks and games.

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Muddy Waters Cafe is a favorite New London gathering place for members of the College community. Other places to find familiar faces include Bean & Leaf, Washington Street Coffee House, and Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock.

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The Connecticut College Arboretum is 750 acres of protected plant life that includes the main campus. From the Native Plant Collection to Mamacoke Island—yes, our own island—there is plenty to explore.

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The College’s greenhouse on campus has been a living laboratory since 1935. An important teaching and research facility used year-round, it spans 3,000 square feet and includes tropical zones, a cactus collection and an orchid collection.

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Chemistry professor Stanton Ching’s current research is focused on developing new synthetic routes to porous nanostructured manganese oxides and studying their catalytic activity.

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At Conn, botany is its own department, distinct from biology. The department has an international reputation in coastal, marine and estuarine studies. You will develop a strong background in all aspects of plant biology.

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As soon as I moved out of the room I started thinking that in the colleges perhaps there is no regular teaching work. We also heard some of the seniors saying that their courses have not been finished and they do not know which books were to be studied by them. This made me think that school life was better where we were forced to work. The college seemed to have lost charm which I have been associating with the college life. The very first day of the college was a disappointing day because I did not believe in wasting time unnecessarily.

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Our award-winning dining halls offer a variety of flavorful and innovative menu items including homemade pizza, sushi, stir fry and an array of vegetarian and vegan items.