Luxy was my favourite and one and only radiostation.

Radio Luxembourg should have returned as the station it always has been at its demise in 92 ie a pop/rock and entertainment format,with satellite relay via sky and freesat on eurobird1's european S1 beam at 28.5degE,cable all over the UK and Europe,DAB in the UK and online.

Radio Luxemburg was my favorite radio station during 60-70:s.

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given description of my favorite radio station.

a) Listen to your favorite radio station and list the techniques they use to give a unique character to its format and the station itself, e.g. sound effects, style of promos, tone of the DJs, etc. Now find a station of similar genre elsewhere in the country (via the Internet) and listen to them and compare similarities. b) Using that information, create a Format clock for one of the radio stations. c) Look at your music library and count how many songs you have that you have downloaded for free. Calculate how much you would have spent if you’d purchased the ongs legally. How many downloaded songs from new artists persuaded you to purchase that artist’s CD, or to purchase other songs by the artist. Explain the implications for the music industry if this behavior is typical of your demographic?

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Whichever radio station you choose gives you the randomness of songs, and with it the randomness of memories. Every three to four minutes contains a new opportunity to have a bad or mediocre mood magically transformed into a contagious smile. While so many things can ruin a day, it only takes something as simple as a car radio to make all the bad seem as though it never happened. This I believe.

Any way I got a lot of pleasure from listening to it, As it was the only radio pop station on in those days late at night.

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'Rita Williams Singers' It was fantastic to listen to Radio Luxembourg because at that time it was the only radiostation in all Europe that played nonstop the latest records (45 rpm singles).

Radio Luxembourg was the only station I ever spent much time listening to but I stopped in about 1970, possibly earlier.

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All the evenings were spent listening to the (then)only source of popular music available in the UK - Radio Luxembourg, I still have fond memories of "The Station of the Stars" and "208 metres." Thanks.

Radio Luxembourg was the only station that played the music we wanted to hear, being so far away from home.

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I started to listen to Radio Luxemburg in the early sixties in Örnsköldsvikand followed the Top Twenty charts every week, although reception conditionssometimes were bad in that part of Sweden.
In those days this was the onlystation that constantly played pop music.
Later Radio Nord started but RadioLuxemburg was something special.
Regards Gothenburg, Sweden.

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As part of our celebration, I thought it would be appropriate to play not only the music we were exposed to in the 60's but perhaps even obtain some of original broadcasts of the radio we actually listened to as kids back then.