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It's why I stopped reading reviews entirely and switched to video capture reviews (before it was a youtube career, apparently!) with people whose general likes align with mine.

The Unofficial JET Programme Guide

The characters remain consistent, and they are allowed to grow and develop.

The "What's your favourite...?" song can be found on and in the .

I recall reading somewhere that one of the french kings (prior to Loix XVI I think) was married at fourteen and had to consummate his marriage with his unfortunate wife (who was the same age or younger I think) in front of not only his dad, but a representative from the Vatican…to ensure the marriage was legit…or something. That had to suck for all involved.

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This comment was a huge brain fart brought about by the fact that 14 is over the age of consent in my country, but it's super creepy and thoughtless.

So the plot must develop and has to be interesting at a fairly rapid clip.

we tend to forget that he’s spent most of his life looking like this:

The thing about Kylo Ren is, last I heard unconfirmed. That aside, no, I don't think they saw the movie. Much like the Mad Max comics were clearly based on a concept, maybe even an early script but definitely not the movie. Production schedules these days don't really allow for the movie to be put in the can, shown to Hasbro, then toys designed, made and released while the film sits around in the can. So they were probably working off of a final-ish script and photos of the actors in costume.

Steve Rogers is a 98-year old virgin.

Oh same. Like, not even hyperbole, there were actual tears in my eyes when we heard Jessika Pava check in with Poe. I was honestly more excited about that than Poe still being alive (and I was plenty excited about that.)

Actually, let’s talk about that body for a moment.

(Also if they bother calling BB-8 "she." I know it's a droid, droids don't need gender, but it would be kinda nice to see one that uses female pronouns without needing to have some kind of tertiary gender designator, like being pink or whatever.)

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When "teacher" = mentor, friend, and partner in crime.

And why not, you ask? It’s because he has to spend in the gym building up an 18-pack of those Beefcake McWonderabs (HT / adamhunter) he has told us in his previous iteration the laydeeeez just cannot live without.

This Statement of Purpose was written by a successful JET applicant

This Statement of Purpose was written by a successful JET applicant

And I stand by favoring Sousa, predictable or not. We know Peggy marries SOMEONE. Based on the pics of her grand kids, I doubt they're biologically related to Wilkes (and yes, I know adoption's a possibility). It's certainly not going to be Howard or Jarvis, and I won't dignify any suggestions of Thompson.

This Statement of Purpose was written by a JET applicant who was granted an interview

This was a successful Statement of Purpose written by a JET applicant

I mean, you can the Kylo Ren thing is "unconfirmed," but the evidence is that we have of Kylo Ren merchandise–not just toys, but specifically Kylo Ren slapped on posters, pens, cups, blankets, thermoses, stickers, etc etc etc. And very very little merch of Rey or Finn.