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In the slave quarters, however, African Americans organized their own "invisible institution." Through signals, passwords, and messages not discernible to whites, they called believers to "hush harbors" where they freely mixed African rhythms, singing, and beliefs with evangelical Christianity. We have little remaining written record of these religious gatherings. But it was here that the spirituals, with their double meanings of religious salvation and freedom from slavery, developed and flourished; and here, too, that black preachers, those who believed that God had called them to speak his Word, polished their "chanted sermons," or rhythmic, intoned style of extemporaneous preaching. Part church, part psychological refuge, and part organizing point for occasional acts of outright rebellion (Nat Turner, whose armed insurrection in Virginia in 1831 resulted in the deaths of scores of white men, women, and children, was a self-styled Baptist preacher), these meetings provided one of the few ways for enslaved African Americans to express and enact their hopes for a better future.

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Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators

Dustin Thompson – Argumentative Essay
Laura Warren – Extemporaneous Speaking
Jamey Shirah, Brandon Sampson, Ross Atkinson, James Ealum – Quartet

All four headings should be clearly defined with proper referencing.

Individual State Champions:
Paige Reiber – Argumentative Essay
Dustin Thompson – Argumentative Essay
Laura Warren – Extemporaneous Speaking

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Westwood is very proud of our Literary accomplishments. The team has been awarded an unprecedented 5 consecutive team State Championships, and 9 consecutive Region 3A and 3AA Championships. Many students have received individual state titles.

Follow these steps to create a presentation based on your ideas:

Give it a try and post your reaction to the discussion forum. Will this help you be more cognizant of your emphasis and intonation moving forward? Why or why not?

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Let’s try a quick exercise on intonation and emphasis. I want you to look into the mirror and say the following sentence three times, but each time emphasizing a different word.

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How many times can I enter a contest?

For our purposes, the account begins in the decades after the American Revolution, as Northern states gradually began to abolish slavery. As a result, sharper differences emerged between the experiences of enslaved peoples in the South and those Northerners who were now relatively free. By 1810 the slave trade to the United States had come to an end and the slave population began to increase naturally, giving rise to an increasingly large native-born population of African Americans. With fewer migrants who had experienced Africa personally, these transformations allowed the myriad cultures and language groups of enslaved Africans to blend together, making way for the preservation and transmission of religious practices that were increasingly "African-American."

You can enter the same CDE each year you are eligible to compete or you can enter a different CDE.

If my team wins the State Contest, can I do same CDE next year?

Individual State Champions:
Kyli Lamar – Argumentative Essay
Casey Cox – Spelling
Tyler Thompson – Humorous Interpretation
Andrew Stargel – International Extemporaneous Speaking

Do CDEs complement classroom instruction?

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Literary Events are comprised of musical, performance, and academic disciplines. These events include: Trio, Quartet, Solo, Piano, Interpretations – Dramatic, Humorous and Duo, Extemporaneous Speaking – Domestic and International, Spelling, Writing – Rhetorical, Argumentative and Personal Essay.