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Be careful here of course. If you are writing for a teacher who expects a certain form, by all means do as you’re told. But if you’ve got room to play with your organization, don’t be afraid to get out of the five-paragraph box.

Obscure gems that warrant reading!

 Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format. PurdueUniversity. 1 January 1999

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Well worth sharing! I appreciate that you started with the big picture– the possibility of writing inspiring or thought-provoking essays that are worth reading– before going into the how-tos.

Adventurous full-color cover illustration made these books red-hot.

Number nine is a great piece of instruction. I plan on printing this set and passing it out to my children. It is so important they back up their opinions with solid facts. If they hate smoking, give good reasons. Vague is boring! 🙂 Thank You.

Crews, Frederick, and Schor, The Borzoi Handbook for Writers. New York: Alfred Kopf, inc., 1989.

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“Renowned as one of the best sports artists in the country, Jim’s works hang in major museums,” says Governor Kean, who met the artist while serving as president of Drew University—Fiorentino was a student there in the 1990s, when his sports figures started receiving national attention. He was featured on ABC World News and in The New York Times. “In recent years he has turned to wildlife. Jim has created an amazing body of work… Many of the creatures he paints are endangered, and Jim celebrates their uniqueness and beauty.”

Colorblind Modes: There are no colorblind modes in the game.

At 15, Mr. Fiorentino became the youngest artist to be featured in the National Baseball Hall of Fame with paintings of baseball legends like Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken Jr. and Ted Williams; his sports art has since graced national magazines and landed him in interviews with ABC World News Tonight and countless other news studios. Now 39, Fiorentino’s Conserve Wildlife Foundation exhibit is being hosted at D&R Greenway through October 14.

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Mr. Fiorentino has painted 25 stunning watercolor images of at-risk wildlife species from New Jersey for this exhibition, from the bobcat and bald eagle to the Pine Barrens tree frog and little brown bat. The exhibition will travel around New Jersey and the Northeast over the next three years.

So, again, welcome to the books. Adult Books, Erotica, Smut, Sleaze, Filth!

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Fiorentino’s realistic paintings depict some of the state’s most endangered and vulnerable species. Among other venues, the exhibition will be shown at Salmagundi Club at 47 Fifth Avenue in New York next spring.

some anonymous ones from the under-the-counter pre-history "smoker" days of smut!

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There is a general rule for citations: The harder it wouldbe for your readers to come across your fact through their own efforts the more surely youneed to cite it.


HIGH Depth in both mechanics and narrative…

“Mr. Fiorentino’s incredibly evocative artwork inspires viewers by reconnecting them with the natural world all around us,” says Conserve Wildlife Foundation executive director and wildlife author David Wheeler. “His watercolor paintings help to educate and engage viewers about the precipitous declines that many of these vulnerable wildlife species have suffered, and helps us bring attention to the very tangible steps that people can take to save these species.”