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Read this essay for a critical assessment of key challenges in adapting evidence-based practice to the social work policy and practice contexts. This paper outlines the origins of evidence-based social work and current thoughts about its definition and application and includes a discussion of key challenges to the application of evidence-based practice and policy in social work.

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(Open only to students majoring in nursing for registered nurses.) Prerequisite: NURS 300. A study of the principles and models of evidence-based nursing practice. The objective is to demonstrate critical-thinking skills in applying the findings of evidence-based practice to the clinical environment. Focus is on evaluating patient outcomes data to identify clinical practice areas that are amenable to quality improvement projects. Assignments include selecting a problem area of clinical practice and developing a proposal for a solution.

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(Open only to students majoring in nursing for registered nurses.) Prerequisite: NURS 360. An overview of the role of the professional nurse in the care of the family and community. Focus is on applying the nursing process to the care of families and communities. The goal is to identify health risks within a family and design a plan of care using evidence-based practices, obtain information about family and community health systems using systematic research practices, and develop a health promotion education plan for the community; Practice experiences include conducting a windshield survey and communicating and collaborating with community health care professionals in the planning and implementation of a health promotion project that address a community health care need. Topics include diversity, community as a patient, environmental influences, families at risk, health promotion, risk reduction, vulnerable populations, disaster preparedness, and coalition building.

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Application of the Model for Evidence Based Course Development in Nursing will lead to the institution of a course document that encompasses a core curriculum, a didactic plan and an implementation strategy....

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(Open only to students majoring in nursing for registered nurses.) An overview of the basic concepts of nursing research. The aim is to understand the contribution of research to nursing knowledge and practice, demonstrate skill in conducting research using available scientific literature, critically appraise current evidence-based research, and apply the findings to promote clinical best practices in nursing. Evidence-based research is evaluated from a legal and ethical perspective in the protection of human subjects. Topics include scientific process, research methods, experimental protocols, informed consent, evaluation of research literature, and ethical issues in research.

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University of Maryland University College's Bachelor of Science in Nursing for registered nurses provides a pathway for career advancement and preparation for graduate study, building on your established clinical and practical experiences. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, this program will help equip you to assume the role of the professional nurse in diverse and challenging settings, take on responsibility for client care, and provide exceptional evidence-based nursing care to patients. For more about CCNE accreditation, please see Program Accreditation below.