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To evaluate is to measure against a set of criteria. In Toastmasters, we do this to a degree when we complete the project-specific evaluation forms in the manuals.

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Is the rating system on evaluation forms helpful to speaker? What does 2 Could Improve mean when all of us can always improve? Does the speak know what to continue doing or to change? The rating system is useless without specifics.

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actor ofanalyzingandevaluatingorjudgingthequalityofaliteraryorartisticwork,musical performance,artexhibit,dramaticproduction,etc.
essay;ofvariousmethodsofstudyingtextsordocumentsforthepurposeofdatingorreconstructing them,evaluatingtheirauthenticity,analyzingtheircontentorstyle,etc.:

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By building , giving , and inspiring the speaker to continue growing, we will achieve the spirit of evaluating speeches in Toastmasters. This structure and underlying methods can be used in any situation: at work, in other organizations, and at home.

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Steve Jobs Speech Evaluation This speech that Steve Jobs gave to a group of college graduates was a very informative speech

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For you, is evaluating speeches more terrifying than delivering the speech or responding to a Table Topics question? A speech evaluation deals with people's feelings, their self-esteem, their feeling of self-worth. We want to get it right. We want to make the speaker feel good and feel good about improving.