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If you are writing an interpretation, you should reread the text or study your subject thoroughly, doing your best to notice something new each time you examine it. As you come up with a possible interpretation to develop in an essay, you should re-examine your subject with that interpretation in mind, marking passages (if your subject is a literary text) and taking plenty of notes on your subject. Studying your subject in this way will make it easier for you to find supporting evidence for your interpretation as you write your essay.

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If you can state all of your main points logically in just one sentence, then all of those points should come together logically in just one essay. When I evaluate an essay, I look specifically for a one-sentence statement of the thesis in the introduction that, again, identifies the topic of the essay, states all of the main points, clarifies how those points are logically related, and conveys the purpose of the essay.

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If you are used to using the high school model to present the thesis of an essay, you might wonder what you should do with the rest of your introduction once you start presenting a one-sentence statement of your thesis. Well, an introduction should do two important things: (1) present the thesis statement, and (2) get readers interested in the subject of the essay.

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English composition was never my choice subject and essay writing was not exactly the most joyful assignment at the high school but there were indicators that writing skills would play a crucial role in my future life, irrespective of which career I c...

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Using the lesson ideas and resources provided, design an activity that combines a subject area standard with a lesson in evaluating sources. Focus on a specific criteria for your lesson such as the importance of currency or point of view. Involve students in evaluating websites or comparing the content found in two or more websites. Ideas:
- Look for current and dated information on social studies, science, or health topics that have changed recently such as the number of planets. Go to the page to see a list of those articles that are currently changing as the event unfolds.
- Look for controversal topics and identify websites with particular views. Read the "about" pages of websites. Can you determine why particular views might be presented in this website? Go to the as a starting point for this topic. They provide a list of pages where the neutrality of content has been challenged and editing wars have been waged. Check out the . How would you determine the neutrality of articles? Also, examine the issue of Conflict of Interest. Read Wikipedia's page to understand this issue.

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While writing an evaluation essay you must start by giving a literary reference. Your essay depends on your opinion of the subject but you must get all the facts right. If your essay is on a musical band then you must start by evaluating the history of the band and if it’s about a book then it’s important to discuss its historical background. Similarly you must have full understanding of the performer’s work to evaluate his performance.

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If you are evaluating someone’s artistic work, you write an evaluation essay on it. They are used to review songs, books, movies and even the performance of employees. There can be endless topics to write an evaluation essay on but to produce a good essay you must keep certain things in mind.

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This essay will go through some general methods of comparing and evaluate products, and what you can do to make yourself a more informed and better shopper.