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An applicant may submit a DVD/CD or digital file of a performance piece to the Summer Programs office, via Performance supplements are encouraged, but not required.

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This workshop starts with a thorough investigation of functions and their graphs (operations, symmetries, stretches, translations, and inverses). Specific functions studied include polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Real world applications of functions are an important focus of many discussions. Other topics such as sequences and series, conic sections, and limits are covered as time permits. Prerequisite: Algebra II.

Non-Euclidean Geometry Online: a Guide to Resources

Area of a circular surface grows differently in each type of geometry. In Euclidean planar geometry it grows proportional with the square of the radius of the circle. In hyperbolic geometry it grows exponentially with the growth of the radius. In spherical geometry the area grows with the radius but it cannot exceed the area of the whole spherical surface.

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Academic resources for the study of hyperbolic geometry

Successful completion of the Volunteer Corps program provides Choate Rosemary Hall students with the community service hours required for graduation.

A combination of and hyperbolic geometry can be found at the .

It can be shown that in each type of non-Euclidean geometry the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is directly related to the area of the triangle. Also, the area of a geometrical figure depends on “how much curved” the surface is – on the curvature of the surface.

Paleolithic art: Cro-Magnon man

From Daina Taimina’s collection of crocheted hyperbolic planes, the following has a triangle marked in light colors; the measures of the angles add up to less than 180 degrees:

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For some aesthetic background, see

Additionally, students enrolled in Immersion Geometry can sign up for a SAT or ACT Preparation Course. The courses are taught by Summit Educational Group's expert instructors.

Hyperbolic geometry and handcrafts

Related material on two meanings of "design theory":

Many authors (including some mentioned in this text) wrongly assume, as a matter of definition, that logically self-consistent geometrical structures that do not abide by , are non-Euclidean. Yet spherical geometry – which is non-Euclidean – does abide by Euclid’s fifth postulate. The confusion stems from the fact that Euclid’s fifth postulate and its in planar geometry are not always equivalent in non-planar geometries. The best discussion of this topic can be found in Henderson & Taimina’s book quoted in the endnote 1. In chapter 10 the reader finds a detailed table comparing various forms of Euclid’s fifth postulate in planar, hyperbolic and spherical geometries.

In the artistic sense: , by Karl Gerstner

For more details on the above block designs, see

high schoolers. Week 1, Reading Film, includes screenings of milestone and iconic moving images. Week 2, Writing with Film, includes a filming and editing practicum culminating in a documentary short film or personal video essay.