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Imagine it — $10 deposit, $90 at settlement, and you had a house of your own!"

Levittown was a fresh marvel of modern planning to a Northeast corridor bursting at its seams in the early 1950s.

The young men of Lefcourt's generation had grown up amid Great Depression hardship and gone overseas to win the most awful war in history.

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The dream is based on every individual working hard to become successful with an abundance of money, a nice house, two children and a high-quality job.

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Butdespite all the evidence of the dead house on a deadstreet in a dying city the boy determines to bear his "chalicesafelythrough a throng of foes." He is blindly interpreting the world in theimages of his dreams: shop boysselling pigs' cheeks cry out in "shrilllitanies"; Mangan's sister is saintly; her name evokes in him"strangeprayers and praises." The boy is extraordinarily lovesick, and fromhis innocent idealism andstubbornness, we realized that he cannotkeep the dream.

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