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The vague and improper manner in which this particle is used in many other places of the several charters will not allow it the least weight in the present instance. In the eleventh article of the third Virginia charter there is this expression: “All such, and so many of our loving subjects, or any strangers that will,” etc. The same rule of inference that makes Rhode Island and Connecticut simple corporations, will also transform the king’s loving subjects into mere strangers, which I apprehend cannot be done without some degree of absurdity.

Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1993.

In this sense, Virgina Woolf's essay A Room of One's Own can be called a revolution.

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In Virgina Woolf’s third chapter of her essay “A Room of One’s Own,” Woolf addresses the plight of the woman writer, specifically during the Elizabethan time period of England.

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The Virginia Company even went so far to establish a House of Burgesses in 1619 to give the immigrants political rights. Still, immigration was low, the death rate of those who did immigrate was high, and the European population of the colony grew so slowly that the London Company could not make a profit from trade.

This significant story reflects that Virginia’s life was filled with depression, even though she was a great success and had a happy marriage....

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Tobacco production was limited because the few colonists could produce only so much tobacco. One person could work 1-5 acres of land in a year - so a 50-acre headright was a generous grant for importing each worker. The London Company had plenty of land under its control in Virginia, but the workers were in England.

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A few people came to the Virginia colony in the early 1600's with personal wealth from England. Those with some initial capital could pay ship captains for transporting workers and acquire headrights. Farming more land with more indentured servants led to greater profits from exporting tobacco back to England. Those families who ended up in the gentry often "started small" and worked their way to greater wealth. Only a few were wealthy enough to "start big."

Deborah Tannen’s Marked Women has to face the music when applied to Virginia Woolf’s Professions for Women.

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This mode of expression, so indefinite in itself, shows that the use made of the clause by some ministerial advocates, is by no means natural or warrantable. It could only be intended to set forth the British constitution as a pattern for theirs; and accordingly we find, that upon the arrival of Sir George Yardly in Virginia, soon after this patent was procured, the government was regulated upon a new plan, that it might “resemble the British constitution, composed of two Houses of Parliament and a sovereign. The number of the council was increased, intending this body should represent the House of Lords, while the House of Commons was composed of burgesses, assembled from every plantation and settlement in the country.”

This significant story reflects Virginia’s life filled with depression even though she was a great success and had a happy marriage....

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The hopelessness of such a situation is depicted in “The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf, in which the moth incessantly endeavors to overcome the irresolvable dilemma of breaking through the barriers that contain it and visit the outside world....

When Virginia Woolf wrote her essay A Room of One’s Own, however, there was a great lack of female presence in literature, in writing specifically.

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